Farmer's Market Recap AND a Giveaway!


Good Morning!
It's Tuesday!
{In case you were wondering!}

And it feels good to be wrapping up a VERY productive weekend.

As you know from Saturday's Post , I was at the Farmer's Market over the weekend.
Selling our produce/jam/cookies.
It was one of the best times I've ever had.
The sense of community and instant friendship that you find at a Farmer's Market is like no other.
It was really exciting. And I feel so blessed to have had that experience.
I wish that I could just quit my job and spend all week gardening and making things for Saturday Farmer's Markets.
It was that great!

Friday night I was a busy little baker which is actually a role my hubby usually fills at our house.

He has serisouly revolutionized the way I eat biscuits!
And speaking of biscuits, he whipped up a batch for us to bring with to the Farmer's Market so we could let people sample our jam on a flaky, hot biscuit. It was a BIG HIT.
Most people that sampled, bought a jar of jam.

I also made some bread, but it didn't make it to market.
It was a little too wonky for public sale and consumption.

But seriously, the smell of cookies baking and bread rising is pretty close to heavenly. For real.

Here is a picture of my little table set up at the market.

And a closer look at the goods.

The cookies were big, and they were really good.
What? I had to taste a few to make sure they were good enough to sell of course :)
We had some yellow squash too, but it sold out first.
And drum roll please...........
Say hello to me chalk board!
So I realize that my handwriting looks like a 1st grader. I hurriedly wrote that out and didn't take my time because the market was a hopping and I was a little late. :(
Next time, it will be better.
And here is the real excitement.
A few years ago when the hubby and I first made jam for fun, for family, for us- we named it Jeter's Jams.
And then I found these free labels.
And it totally transformed " Jeter's Jam's"
It all the sudden, felt so real.
And I had visions of scenes from the movie Baby Boom where Diane Keaton starts making homemade applesauce for her baby and it becomes a big deal and the demand is huge and she starts shipping her products all over the country.
Ok whoa, whoa.
 I'm ok, really.
Calming down now.
So look at our jars.
Pretty cool right? :)
Did I mention I would love to be a full time Farmer's Market person already?
I also scored a homemade strawberry pie from the market.
It was made by a Mennonite Family who sat next to our table.
Don't let the picture fool you.
It's strawberry, not cherry.
You will not find this girl eating cherry pie, no sir.
Not a fan.
Unless of course you invite me over to dinner and that is what you have prepared.
In that case I would eat it. :)
Turnips and cauliflower, in my handmade re-usable bag.
Loving the polka dots if I do say so myself.
Yesterday the hubby made us a delicious meal. This was the healthy part of it.
Broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and turnips.
All grown locally and naturally by people we know.
And here comes the not so healthy part of our meal.
Let's call it a fried plate special shall we?
In the upper right hand corner we have a breaded pork steak, with leftover wonky break that didn't make it to the market, potato chips and parmesan cheese. The hubby is innovative, what can I say!?
In the upper left hand corner he whipped together a squash cake/patty. Yum!
And then we have a family favorite, fried squash. Also with a potato chip crust.
Lord have mercy this was good!
I cam across this on my pinterest travels this morning.
I think I need this for my home.
I looooove it.
How was your weekend?

The hubby just informed me that there is no Giveaway posted on here!
Silly me.

Leave me a comment or email me, and tell me what you love about the farmer's market.
If you haven't been to the farmer's market, find one! And go! :)
Once you do that, later this week I will randomly pick an entry and send a lucky reader a jar of our Jeter's Jam! :)


  1. OMGosh...those cookies look AMAZING! I would love to win a jar of Jeter's Jam! I haven't been to the farmer's market yet, but I get excited every time I see it. lol I'll definitely have to stop by & check it out soon! =)

  2. oh my word!
    as much as i giggle reading your posts, i know we would just be HYSTERICAL in person.
    no giveaway? i would SO do that! {giggles}
    and i totally love your passion and desire with the farmers market thing.
    you never know...don't despise meager beginnings girl!
    God can take you BIG places!!!

    I LOVE THOSE LABELS and.....if i'm ever in your neck of the woods, i will be over for some of that amazing food you have going on over there!
    xoxoxo love ya!
    have a great week!

  3. GIRL! The jam looks awesome! The labels are SO CUTE! AND PROFESSIONAL! I say quit the day job and be a farmers market girl! YES! DO IT! LOVE THIS!

    I love the farmers market! I love all the fresh flowers AND the cheap prices on the local produce! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

    AND....LOVE YOU!

  4. I need to get those chocolate chip cookies shipped here! I love the farmer's markets here in DSM... there's one on Thursday just outside our office and a huge one downtown on the weekend.

  5. Hello Rachel! I love farmer's markets! How fun that you had a table there! Oh and a few other things I love about this post 1. Your jam jars are adorable. 2. I DO NOT like cherry pie either. 3. I love that movie baby boom! 4. Those cookies look amazing. 5. Your sign is so cute!
    I am enjoying following you on Instagram too! Have a great day! xo

  6. LOVE these photos!

    My favorite part of the farmers market is... FRESH CORN, FRESH FRUIT and HOMEMMADE HUMMUS!


    Thanks for your sweet comments lately friend. Praying for you during this season of change. You got this :)

    Love, Anna


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