Winter Is For Soups…….


We are having some very warm weather in my neck of the woods lately.
It's February, and our weekend temps are going to near 70 degrees!
To some of you frozen over in the tundra, that may sound heavenly, but I would prefer a little snow.
To which we have had none so far.

Now normally, as soon as fall hits and the weather is a bit chilly, the soup bug bites me.
I love soups of all kind.
Chicken noodle.
Beef stew.
Tomato Bisque.
Potato Corn Chowder.
I could go on and on.

I'm always looking for new recipes, I get stuck in a rut and make the same stuff all the time.
Probably because it's easy.

Our local newspaper recently did an article featuring soups, and they broke down the different types.
I liked the clarification and thought maybe you are a dork like me and might want to know about all the different soup bases.
However, if you are a fancy soup chef or some kind of aficionado, you might want to skip this next part.

Types of Soup

Bisque- a thick, rich soup made from fruits, vegetables, game fish or shellfish and thickened with cream, pureed until smooth, and often contains sherry. 

Bouillon- A clear, thin broth made typically by simmering chicken or beef in water with seasonings. It can be consumed in this state, or used as a base for other dishes, sauced. Bouillon is a stock that is strained and then served clear as a coup.

Broth- a thin soup made from a clear stock foundation that can be thickened with starch or the addition of rice, barley, vegetables of eggs.

Chowder- a soup usually with fish or seafood as the main ingredient. Potatoes and other vegetables are typically added and the soup is enriched with salt pork fatback and thickened with flour or crushed soup crackers-two ingredients that define a chowder.

Consomme- a refined, clarified broth.

Puree-  a soup made from boiling vegetables that are strained into a smooth pulp.. A good puree has the consistency of thick cream.

Stock- a liquid in which leftover flesh, bones or shells and vegetables have been boiled to create a flavored base. The flavor is extracted by long, slow cooking. Stock is not seasoned; it is an unfinished product that is an ingredient in another dish.

Veloute- the richest, thickest soup of all, veloute is a broth-usually chicken or shellfish-thickened with eggs, butter and cream.

Well, I feel a little smarter reading that- how about you?

I had never heard of a "Veloute" before and if I had been asked on some game show to describe the difference between a broth and a bouillon, I would have failed miserably.

So now that we are geared with the knowledge of soup bases, the possibilities are endless.

I have heard before that
  "with a sharpened pencil, anything is possible….."
"with enough coffee, anything is possible……"

But maybe, we can now say,
"with the right broth base, anything is possible….."

And since Pinterest is my bff, I 'm going to share a few soups from my board that look good.

Happy Soup Day to you!

Hello Friday


Let's take a trip back into my youth, shall we?

Somewhere between wearing Care Bear shirts…..

And killing it with the carpet bag vest and jean skirt…….

(My cute little cousins Holly and Morgan. I think we were at White Fence Farm. Also, I'm pretty sure I'm wearing panty hose under that jean skirt. Ugh.)

There was a night on TV called TGIF.
And all the shows were golden.
And family friendly.
That means no nakedness or swearing or other disturbing things happening that are so readily available on TV's today.

It was on ABC.
And they played shows like Family Matters and Boy Meets World.

I literally could not wait to get home after a long week of school and eat popcorn and watch these shows with my family.

To this day, my mom still texts me on Fridays and says "TGIF".


Have you been following along with She Reads Truth ? Everyday, those ladies bring the word and it packs a punch.
Not only are their words beautiful, but the graphics they combine with it are stunning.
Some seriously talented gals running that show.

Today's reading on Esther is about Power, Pride and Anger.

Everyday, there is something horrible on the news. Its full of more bad than good.
There is so much evil and wickedness that it seems like staying in bed with the covers over your head is the safest bet.

But God created us to be influencers.
Full of grace and hope for those who can't find it for themselves.
People are struggling to find their way all over this world.
It's not always headline worthy stuff either. 
That quiet girl in the cubicle next to you. Yep.
That guy who makes your Iced Venti Americano, with an extra shot, light on the ice every morning, him too.
Or that couple you share a pew with at church, going thru the motions. 
The family up the block pretending every things cool. 
It's a real struggle friends.

Let love be your guiding light this weekend.
Pick out the good from the bad.
Let Love Be Your Motto.

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