Lose To Win: Healthy For The Holidays


So here it is. Friday September 30, 2011. This is the day that things are going to change. Finally, once and for all. Please don't be fooled ( actually, I'm sure you aren't!) I have said that many, many times before. So much so that I barely believed myself while typing that. Sad, but true.

As you know if you've been reading my posts this week that I'm joining a friendly contest with 3 other ladies. A contest againsts our own selves to win at losing weight. It's already been a great experience sharing stories and fears with these girls. We talk about struggles and triumphs, eating habits and excercise foes. I'm so glad to be doing this with them.

Right now the other girls are probably fretfully jumping on the scale seeing a number we hope to conquer. We are starting this life style change right at the beginning of the most tasty season. All of the fall treats, thanksgiving munchies and christmas delights are going to come and go and we will be a size or two slimmer, more radiant and healthy, happy, energetic and ready for more.

I once saw a quote on bendoeslife.tumblr.com that says "..... imagine the last 4 months of your life and how fast they went by........now imagine that you had started your weight loss journey four months ago.....where would you be today....?" I think about that pretty often. It helps me realize mostly how overdue this change is. My body needs it badly. I wouldn't treat a relationship this poorly and so now I'm going to start being kinder to my body. It doesn't need the starches, sugar, fats and processed junk. It needs real, whole foods. And lots of excercise. I'm even contemplating getting a shirt or item of clothing in a smaller size, hanging it where I see it everyday and being so thrilled at the day when I can put that on.

I would like to say that in the next 12 weeks I'm going to lose 100 pounds. But this isn't the Biggest Loser, and I don't want to limit myself by saying a number. But I do want to not fit in my clothes anymore, I want to be able to run around the block without passing out (not that this has happened, but I imagine it will!), I would like to sleep better, eat better and have more energry.

Stay tuned. Send me and the other girls your support. We need it.
And if you have any tips or suggestions, pile it on!

Thanks for reading!

The-soon-to-be-thinner Faithful City Mouse :)



So I got some inspiration along with some pinspiration from my friend Kristen .
As you know we are starting are healthing living contest on Friday! (EEEEEEK!) And the two of us along with two other girls are going to be in a little friendly contest called "Lose To Win: Healthy For The Holidays". We haven't really decided on prizes or what to do with the winner, but it's really something we are doing for ourselves and using the others for accountability and support.

I am definitely looking forward to the reward of cute clothes! Being a bigger girl doesn't leave a whole lot of options for style. Have you been in a plus size store recently? Enough said.

So here are some of the outfits I hope to sport when my figure is much leaner. All pics courtesy of pinterest.com.

And these are just because.......

Have a great day!

The Faithful City Mouse

Blog Sugar


Don't you just love that title? I love blogging and I REALLY love sugar. As you know I am an avid blog follower. I usually check in on Kimberlee's Blog weekly. And yesterday she talked about her Blog Sugar experience. You can read Kimberlee's post  Here.

Her post really hit home. Sometimes I just think blogging is fun, other times I feel like I have nothing to say. And there are times where I know that God is talking thru my blog. There are people in my town that read my blog. There are people from IL where I grew up reading my blog. There are people all over the world (according to my blogger stats) that are reading this blog. My blog??????? No. God's blog, thru me. I have forever wanted to step up and LIVE God's plan for my life. But sometimes that's overwhelming and the unknown can be scary. Do you know what I mean? Like oh dear God, please don't send me to be a missionary in Cambodia where they have dirty water and very large bugs. And while I dont' think He is calling me to do that, I have a much closer relationship to Him that I surely would pack my bags and my husband of course, and go-wherever that may be. And while I know there are many needs out there in this big world and many ears that need to hear about Jesus and his incredible LOVE, I know that there are needs right here in my town and in my family. And that's a good place to start.

Pic courtesy of Pinterest via http://topofthepagewithleslie.blogspot.com/2011/09/holding-fast-to-hope.html

Have a great day!
The Faithful City Mouse

Exciting and Terrifying


So my friend Kristen has a blog, which you already know because she has guest posted for me and I have sung her praises.

And I have another new friend named Sara who I looked forward to knowing better and her blog is called Sara Losing It.

Both of these blogs are about getting healthy and the roller coaster journey that it is of losing weight, eating right and working out.

As you know from previous posts of mine, I'm concerned about getting healthy for so many reasons. Yet I do nothing about it. I've decided that I'm going to need a little help, ok, a LOT of help from my friends. For real.

So we decided to do a little friendly contest. An accountability contest really, that will help us get started, maintain and keep on trucking (such a weird but funny phrase!).

I really hope I can do this. I have to. But I'm so good at starting and then stopping. Like if there could be a profession as a yo-yo dieter, I would sign up. So pathetic I know, trust me.

The details are being worked out, but we are starting this Friday, September 30th. I can't wait.

And yet I'm terrified because all of this means change. Cutting out sugar and fat. Good thing I ate the best brownies ever over the weekend, made by the hubs, because I seriously can't have those things in the house. I need to learn moderation, portion control and I could REALLY use some will power.

And also, I hate sweating. I get the classic sweaty, tomato face when I work out. And anytime I think of excersizing I think back to high school when we had to run the mile around the track. I'm getting hot just thinkning about it! Ugh!

I told the hubs that next year I'm going to run some sort of race. Like a 5k. He laughed. Then he saw my face and said "Oh, you're serious?!" Don't worry, I still love him :)

Dear Lord. Help me thru this!

I'm going to try and remember this when I feel like cheating or giving up.

Pics via pinterest.com

Now go and Read This........

Have a great day!
The Faithful City Mouse

Doing Life


So yesterday you read my guest post (hopefully) and today I'm posting about another blog that I have recently discovered.

His name is Ben. And he lives in Arkansas (like me!). He started his journey of weight loss in 2008 and has done INCREDIBLE things since.  What I love about his story is that he is a regular guy who did this by himself. He didn't have to join the Biggest Loser, he didn't take drastic steps with surgery, he didn't drink only shakes for every meal. He just started doing life. And pounding the pavement (literally). Out of all the weight loss stories I have read his and my friend Kristen's Blog are the most inspiring. Real people accomplishing awesome results. I love it.

He named his blog BEN DOES LIFE. You can find it here http://bendoeslife.tumblr.com/. There is a tab near the top labeled beginnings. You can go all the way back to watch his transformation from the top.

Here is a clip of his journey. Watch it. And then prepare to DO LIFE.

Thanks Ben.

Have a healthy day!
The Faithful City Mouse

Lifestyle Change


I'm guest blogging over at Kristen's blog today!
How exciting!

Check it out HERE.

Have a great day!
The Faithful City Mouse

Quiet Time


This morning the cool, crisp air was gently stirring thru the windows and the rain could be heard dripping on the leaves and it truly feels like a Fall morning. I am so grateful for this.

The hubby is off at a bible study, where he and another gentleman get together on Saturday mornings and have fellowship, follwed by a little bow practice and only the Lord know what else. I actually am a little jealous at this opportunity he has and find myself at home alone. This morning though, I just dove into my own quiet time with God. Opened my bible, poored another mug of coffee (cream AND sugar please!), curled up with a blanket on the couch and enjoyed this time alone.

I've never been really good at silence and not even that great at listening. You see from a young age I was diagnosed as a " talker ". I talked during Sunday School, I talked at reading time at the library, I talked during class when the teacher was also talking. All the while I should have been absorbing and listening.

My relationship with God has been very much like that too. Always ME doing the talking. Me praying for this or that to change. Me pleading to get me out of this mess or Lord I've done it again, help me fix it. But recently I have had a change of heart. I so long to do what God wants for me. Not what I think He wants for me. The truth is I really don't know what God wants for me. But I'm learning to listen in those moments of silence, that those repeated thoughts in my head are sometimes God nudging me or gently pushing me along in the right direction.

Something I read out of a daily devotional from Journey is this- "If you focus on your problems, they consume you. If you focus on God, He makes you stronger."

Those two sentences are so comforting to me.

I'm so glad that my husband has a good Christian friend he can relate to. I think that is so important for everyone. There is definitely power in having an accountability friend.

We have a great weekend ahead of us. A birthday party for my darling niece Chesny, church and a bonfire with friends (yes there will be s'mores!).

Have a great weekend!

The Faithful City Mouse


Romans 12: 15-21
15 Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn. 16 Live in harmony with one another. Do not be proud, but be willing to associate with people of low position. Do not be conceited.
 17 Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everyone. 18 If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. 19 Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord. 20 On the contrary:
   “If your enemy is hungry, feed him;
   if he is thirsty, give him something to drink.
In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head.”

 21 Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

Do you have something or someone in your life that you struggle with? I do. We all do.
So often we want to retaliate when someone hurts us. But it isn't up to us. God can handle it. And He will.
When we committ to being a christian and walking like Jesus, he expects to show his love by pouring out our love to others and sharing our joy so that people want the happiness we find in Jesus. If we are busy being angry or hurt by someone else, how can we do that? There will always be days when we are hurting or upset, when our cup seems empty and unsure of how to fill it back up. But God always delivers. There is nothing you are going thru that He doesn't know about. Or that He can't help you thru it. It's making you stronger and able to handle other things in your life. You character is being tested. It's not a pass/fail, but a trial. So often we think we can handle things on our own. We forget to lean on our eternal insurance. God's love.

Pics via pinterest.com

Have a great day!
The Faithful City Mouse

Oh How I LOVE Fall!


I know it isn't officially fall yet, but I am so ready. I love the cooler weather, the pumpkins, the colors of the leaves, the smells, the apple cider- really I could go on and on.

Yesterday was a chilly, rainy day and I loved feeling the need to snuggle up with a blanket, light some candles and enjoy. What is about the changes in seasons that make us feel nostalgic? Refreshed? A new beginning? Not sure what it is, but I love it.

It is all the season of pumpkin pies at our house. My sweet husband could eat a pumpkin pie everyday if I let him. So a couple of days ago I made him the first one. A surprise. And if you were to look in our kitchen right now (besides the dirty dishes) you wouldn't find that pumpkin pie. Because it's been eaten. By the pumpkin pie thief, no doubt. Guess I will have to make another one. :)

I had it set it in my head that I was going to decorate my house and surroundings with fall decor this year. And boy have I.

Here are a few pics to enjoy.
This was something I have wanted to do for a long time. Using a vase or really any clear container would work. Fill it up with coffee beans, nestle a candle in the middle, and voila! When the candle heats up, it also heats up the beans and makes the room smell oh so nice!
Have a great day!
The Faithful City Mouse

Wednesday Already?



Happy Wednesday! This week is already flying by and I haven't even reported about the weekend! Sheesh!

So lots has happened over the weekend.

Here are some of the things in no particular order.

1. I scored a refurbished iPhone for $9. Wowee!
2. We got a new (used, new to us) car. A Subaru Outback, which we have wanted for a long time.
3. I attended a Beth Moore event. It was awesome. I love her! She is so inspiring.
4. We had a family get together for my sister in law Mandy for her birthday. She is so lovely inside and out and I'm so greatful to have her as my sister in law. Plus she brought along her 2 adorable kiddos. Chesny and Colton are forever making me laugh with their cuteness. Have you ever seen a 4 year old try to blow up a balloon? Oh my! :)
5. At the earlier mentioned Beth Moore event, I won something. I NEVER win anything! And I hit the jack pot. A bouquet of cake pops! So delish!
6. Also took a country road drive with my hubby. We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful area.

And here are the pics to prove, all taken from my iPhone.
Have a great day!

The Faithful City Mouse

Surprise Date Night


The other night my hubby found out he was working locally in another town. And so he called me to jump in the truck and head over for a dinner date. And let me tell you....this girl was excited! We don't eat out a whole lot, mostly there aren't a lot of choices around here but also because we love cooking and can often cook something more delish (and affordable!) at home.

Sometimes he even wears an apron while cooking :) So cute.

So we arrived at 870 Bistro and as soon as we opened the door the yummy smells hit you like a brick. A good brick of course, not the kind that could knock your teeth out.

We ordered calamari to start, one of the hubs favorite appetizers. They also brought us little foccacia bread sticks with a tomato, balsamic vinegar relish. Oh my! My taste buds were dancing!

I ordered blackened chicken alfredo, the hubs got prime rib, followed up with freshly made italian cream cake, two coffees, lovely conversation and what a great date!
We also ordered cannolis to go because the hubs has never had the delight in tasting one. He loved them of course.

I would have had some pics, had I been wise enough to bring the camera.
But instead I will resort to my beloved pinterest and share a date-ish pic from them.

So romantic!
Pic via Pinterest.

Have a Happy Day!

The Faithful City Mouse



What if I told you that there was a hero? A real one. That could save your life. Would you believe me?
Maybe you're in a bad place emotionally, spiritually, physically. Maybe nobody ever told you it could be better or get better. Maybe you don't know any different.
Have you met Jesus?

He is real. He is everywhere.

This is an old song, but new to me. I heard it last week on KLOVE driving home from the grocery store. The words really hit me. I cried a little thinking about His love for us. For me.
Listen to this song. Really let the words soak in.

And don't get distracted by the guys wearing tight girl pants. Everyone has their own style you know. :)

Do you ever have any questions after you read this blog? About me or about God?
Email me. I would love to chit chat.

Have a great Wednesday!
The Faithful City Mouse

Beth Moore Boot Camp


Next weekend I am going to be attending a Beth Moore Live Simulcast. I hope you know her. I'm kind of in love with her. Ok, ok. I'm REALLY in love with her. She is down to earth even though she has written several books and bible studies and made countless tv appearances. She also travels around the country doing speaking engagements and encourages women wherever she finds them.

I often read her blog (as you know I'm a bloggie!). You can find it HERE. That is one of my favorite recent posts by her.

There is another Beth Moore short video where she is wearing weird googlie eye glasses? Have you seen it? I couldn't find it, but I will look on and bring it to you later.

I attended the Live Simulcast last year and it was awesome. I might even go as far to say it was life changing. So needless to say I'm REALLY looking forward to it next weekend. There is a way about her teaching that you can relate to. I hope that you will check her out. You won't be dissapointed.
I'm going to be spending a lot of time in my bible this week. I've been making it a priority. And it makes life seem more lovely, or maybe it's just more bearable when you walk closer to Jesus.

I hope you are having a great weekend so far.
I am feeling so blessed to have a God that loves me, a hubby that is wild about me. We're starting our Sunday with a little bonfire on this sort of cool morning. Accompanied with coffee, oatmeal and fried apples!

Have a great day!
Psalm 138:3
When I called, you answered me, you made me bold and stouthearted.

It's September!


Holy Guacamole! It's September!
Where did the time go? The summer is over!
I feel like I had so many plans for the summer season. Bbq's every weekend, endless swimming at the lake, fishing trips, camping, more swimming, mini vacations and on and on. Do you do this too? Plan, plan, plan?
I have too many expectations sometimes. And then I get dissapointed. Because my mind isn't always realistic.

But instead of going down Poor Me Lane, I want to express all the good times and things that I did do this summer. In not partricular order, here they are:

Camping with friends
Bbq's galore
Lots of family time including a first meet with one of Teddy's favorite Uncles.
Air conditioning
Ice cream
Lemonade/ Ice Tea
Thrift Store Shopping
Blog Makeover
Walks in the park with Charlie
House projects

And a lot of daydreaming about the glory of fall and winter. Hey- what can I say? When it's 95 plus outside, this girl thinks about cooler weather. Fall is my favorite season. But this summer has been good to me. First summer in our new home as a married couple.  (Last summer we lived with my parents! Need I say more?!)

This Labor Day Weekend is the first in many years I won't be in Chicago with family. But we will be celebrating with family here in Arkansas. Hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, you get the idea :)

Here's hoping you had a great summer!

Love, The Faithful City Mouse
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