Support Your Local Shops and Hand Made Goods


December is approaching (tomorrow) and I'm sure many of you have been shopping for the upcoming holiday season for quite some time. I have an Aunt who has already mailed us her gifts back in the summer. The summer! I wish I was as prepared and organized as she.

During this time of year, or whenever you decide to do your holiday shopping, I think you should seriously consider supporting your local shops and business owners. And if there aren't any shops that interest your gift buying needs, then consider looking online. is a GREAT source to start with. You can find anything from jewelry, clothing, knick knacks for the home. I think it's safe to say that even the most picky of persons to buy for can find something to love on the handmade shops.

Please don't mistake me for someone who never shops at the big box stores. I do. I'm no stranger to Walmarts and Targets. But when I look online or even in the town square at all the talent, it amazes me. Truly it does.

So here are a few things I've found online that I think you might like. Or maybe you might like to get me :)
Pistachio Cowl Kneck Scarf by WyomingRose on Etsy
Dear Hubby, I'm buying this and I'm going to say it's from you :)

Ceramic Dog Bowls by the very talented Kim Wheaton
This adorable Tweet Tweet Bird and Branch necklace by Morgan Prather from Etsy
Dear Hubby, I would REALLY like this. I know you say I never wear necklaces, which is true, but I really like this. Like LOVE it. :) Please tell Santa.
Beeswax Candle by SandStone Coast
I assure you there is something for everyone. Etsy could be your one stop shop.
Some of my favorite blogs listed on my page also have shops.
But be sure and get your orders in SOON. Many of the handmade shops have purchase deadlines so they can get all the orders shipped in time for Christmas.

I hope everyone remembers the true meaning of the season as well. Maybe this year you are minimizing the gifts and maximizing the family time or experiences. And that's wonderful in my eyes too.

Have a GREAT day!

The Faithful City Mouse

Random Thankfulness.....


Lately on facebook and various blogs I visit, people are celebrating the season of Thanks. We should be doing this all year round, but naturally people are reminded of this the closer we arrive to Thanksgiving.

So I'm just going to do a bit of free style thanks via bullet points, in no particular order of importance.

- Thankful I don't have to visit a laundry mat to wash my clothes.
- Thankful for my sweet hubby and all the ways he loves me.
- Thankful for the various mugs I drink my morning coffee out of, what a great way to start the day!
- Thankful for the food in our pantry and fridge, we never worry about going hungry.
- Thankful for my Home Life magazine subscription and all it shares.
- Thankful for friends and family, without them life would be sad.
- Thankful for my furry little Charlie who brings smiles to us all the time!
- Thankful for my job during a time when so many people are without one.
- Thankful for our upcoming trip to Chicago to be with family and celebrate my 30th birthday!
- Thankful for bagels and cream cheese. (Hey, I didn't say this was all serious!)
- Thankful for new jeans, even if they are a size bigger, at least they fit and I can breathe in them!
- Thankful for the blog world. So much inspiration!
-Thankful for pizzas with green olives!
- And of course, THANKFUL for a loving God who gives unending second chances and provides everything we need!

Have a great day!

Sunday Afternoon


Dear Blog,

It's been so long since I've blogged and I'm sorry. Life gets so busy and soon the everyday things just become so much that it's all I can do to get thru the day, get home, put some form of elastic pants on and just be! Anybody else feel that way?

Well this weekend I have felt pretty relaxed. Which according to some is not always how I am. I'm always thinking of what I could or should be doing that I get lost in the actual moment. I know there are others out there doing this too. So right now, I'm blogging, sipping on hot chocolate from a lone packet I found in the cupboard, preparing some soup for the week and getting ready to make molasses cookies.
And of course, as you could probably guess, I'm listening to Christmas music. The Ella Fitzgerald Christmas album on Spotify. Have you discovered this? It's awesome.
There has been so much I've thought about to blog, but the time or ambition has been lost. Soon.

So here are some random pics from this weekend. Finds from the farmer's market, my favorite starbucks christmas mug and an empty mason jar that housed some delishy munchy crunchy cookies.

Hope your weekend was good!

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