Very Pinteresting….


Sometimes I peruse Pinterest for recipes.
Sometimes I peruse Pinterest for a craft idea.
Or to look for a good book.
Or Christmas stuff.
Or cute dogs.

And one time I saw the cutest picture of a baby giraffe.

Can you even handle that?!
Go ahead and type in baby giraffe's on Pinterest. It will instantly make your day brighter.

Lately I've been wanting to fluff up our nest a little. We have lived in our new house a little over 3 months now. Our walls are bare and not much actual decorating has taken place. I kind of feel like I needed to get to know the house. And how it flows. And what works best and where. But now I'm ready to make it ours.

I mentioned in a previous post that the New Year brings on thoughts of moving the furniture around or just doing something NEW.

So hear are some of my recent pins and inspirations for decorating.

I hope you enjoyed some of these cozy spaces, and maybe even found a little inspiration too.

Would you still be my friend if I didn't wash my hair????


Lately I've been fed up with my shampoo. The expensive stuff, the cheap stuff. All of it. 
It leaves my hair feeling weird or my scale is itchy or broken out.
The end result is dull, lifeless hair.

I used to do my hair on a regular basis.
Up until 5 years ago, I had colored my hair since junior high.
That's 18 years of hair abuse.
And if you would have seen some of my dye jobs, oh girl.
The things I have put my hair thru should be illegal.
Bad perms, several colors of the rainbow, covered up by other colors of the rainbow.
I'm relieved this all happened before instagram and Facebook.
I had countless bad haircuts, including once incident, late one night in college after watching a movie with Gwyneth Paltrow where I thought my roommate was somehow equipped to cut my hair with a cheap razor and dull scissors. How hard could it be? I had to wear turtle necks or a scarf for a very long time after that. ( Thank God it wasn't summer.) My roommates thought it was hilarious.

So almost 5 years of not abusing my hair. 
And the grays are showing.
Most days I let my hair air dry and just hope for the best.
But I feel the weight of the shampoo/conditioners.
Leaving it looking blah.
I have come across several articles about kicking shampoo to the curb and then finally I read this one.

  • Baking Soda WashAdd one tablespoon of baking soda to one cup of water inside the squeeze bottle. Shake well. Use enough in the shower to fully saturate only the roots of your hair. A pre-made bottle of this solution will last me 4 washings (but it’s going to be different for every person.) I also have to use 2 tablespoons of bs in my solution instead of just one. Keep in your hair until it starts feeling ‘slippery.’ I’ve noticed this change after about 2 minutes. THOROUGHLY rinse out.
  • Vinegar Rinse: Add two tablespoons of vinegar to one cup of water inside a spray bottle. Shake well. Apply to length of hair (roots are not needed) paying special attention to your ends. Keep in for the remainder of your shower and rinse right before you get out. Some women keep it in as a leave-in conditioner (personally, I’m not sure about this one).

I worry about the chemicals in shampoo. And all the ingredients I can't pronounce.
And I can't even bare to think about those ingredients being tested on animals.
But I also like having nice hair.
So surely there is a happy medium somewhere?
And I'm tired of washing it

So do a little reading. See how you feel?
What does your daily hair regimen look like?

I'm going to try this out and keep you posted.

Have You Met Eugene?


You all know Charlie right? Cutest Beagle in all the land?

His cute furriness kills me. Everyday.
We adopted him from the shelter almost 4 years ago. And they called him Roscoe. Pffft.
I thank God that I didn't come upon him and his other little puppy brothers and sisters because I would have crumbled under the cuteness and become a crazy beagle dog lady and brought them all home. Whew!
He is a total mama's boy and we are nothing short of ridiculous when it comes to our dogs.

Those big fuzzy ears are heart melters. 
He is totally, 100% spoiled to the core.
He is our first "child".
He sleeps with us.
And drinks the rest of our coffee that he thinks we leave for him in our mugs every morning.
Basically, he's addicted.

But this is a blog post about Eugene. Our second child.

Hi Eugene!
He is happy all the time.
Always wagging his tail.
Always ready to eat.
Loves to play outside.
Content with chewing on a bone for hours (if it lasts that long!)
He is the perfect sidekick for Charlie.

His story with us, starts with Teddy.
You know, that farm boy I married?

Hi Teddy!
{Gosh he's cute.}

Ok, back to Eugene.
Sometime early last Spring, Teddy was reading the newspaper and saw that there was a "mess of hound dogs" at the shelter.
Darn those newspapers featuring cute puppies and what not.

So he decided that he needed a dog. Possibly a huntin' dog. 
A dog that would ride in the truck with him and go on adventures. 
Really a sidekick for Teddy.
(Charlie gets car sick and prefers to nap on the couch with a good bunky, i.e.. blank)

And we had long decided that Charlie really did need a friend because he was doing weird things. Like barking at the broom for no reason.
Or shredding up napkins and papers when he normally did not.
We thought he was lonely while we were at work and needed a pal.
Turns out we were right. (Thank God!)

We prayed and prayed about it.
I assure you, praying over your silly pets, is not silly at all.
God loves them too.
And yes, all dogs ARE going to heaven and don't try to tell me otherwise. I mean it.

Ok, where were we?

We were on our way to the shelter to pick out a hound dog.
But on our way we passed the local farm store and wouldn't you know that on this particularly sunny Saturday morning there was someone in an old farm truck giving away puppies.
Of course!

So we stopped.
And Teddy instantly fell in love with him.
Ol' Eugene.

When he was tiny he looked this.

He was so little, and fragile and too young for them to be giving him away from his mama.
He's a lab mix of sorts.

And he would fall asleep anywhere.
He would be playing, playing, playing and then zonk out!
Just like that!

He started capturing out hearts immediately. 
Although the puppy phase is not for the faint of heart.
We really, really lucked out with him.
Hardly any accidents in the house.
Nothing major eaten up.

He and Charlie got to adventuring right away…… my ferns on the front porch!

Eugene got cuter and cuter everyday.
And bigger.
It was like we watering and feeding one of those things that expand in the bathtub the longer it soaks.

Here's a funny fact:
When we want our boys to come inside from the backyard, we stick our heads out the back door and whistle "Flava Flav". Do you know that sound? The old rap guy who always wears a huge clock around his neck?
Yeah, I know it's weird.
BUT, the dogs come running!
It's wonderful.
For awhile I secretly thought Eugene might only speak Spanish, but luckily we broke thru that language barrier. 

See? Bigger.

He loves to sniff my ears and kiss them.
I'm not sure what this means about me.

You cannot imagine how hard it is to get a picture with him not moving.
He is constantly on the move.

Here they are, tag teaming, slurping up coffee from Teddy's mug.

And so that is the story of our Eugene.
And I'm holing true to the part about me sharing too many pics of our dogs.

Happy Monday!

Random Weekend Thoughts


Hello Saturday, 

Oh how I love you! You start with a little sleeping in, several mugs of coffee and maybe a little reading.
Then the rest of the day feels endless with opportunities. 
Should we wander about the town? Stopping at the book store, grabbing more coffee (always a good thing) or eating lunch out?
Or maybe instead we should stay in, and bake the day away. A loaf of bread or a new soup sounds super inviting on a cold day.
And then of course there is dinner to think about, should we keep it easy and order in a pizza or should I get that frozen bird out of the freezer and roast a whole chicken? Because recently I am feeling unstoppable when it comes to cooking, even if it turns out terrible.
Have you ever made your own chicken stock?
I looked up a few recipes.
This one looks like a good one to try!

Did I tell you that I whipped up some homemade mayo last week?
Oh yes, I really did.
I found the recipe here. 
This might sound silly, but I really felt a little like a superhero after I did that.
It was so ridiculously easy, it was almost embarrassing. 
The same can be said for homemade pie crust. 
Why do we buy the store bought (I know, I know- it's easy!)?

Each and every time I make it from scratch, I think to myself "Rachel- you should do this more often!"

But then I hear Paula Deen in my ear saying from her show that she uses store bought pie crust and it feels like it's ok. Or is it?

Dear Paula Deen, 
Have you ever looked at the ingredients on a store bought pie crust?
Yours Truly, 
Ambitious in Arkansas

Don't worry. I would never send such a letter to her. 
I love her.

Sunday will be church and life group and no doubt a good meal or two. 
There is also the expectance of a "wintry mix" here in Northern Arkansas.
Which really means, anything goes.

And after all this Much Ado About Nothing, I will leave you with this. In case you are all about that bass. :)
Have a great weekend!

New Year, New Me, New Blog….


Hello, Hello, Hello!

I am so very glad to be writing in this little space .
I hope you are also glad, for the New Year and all that it brings!
A fresh start is not something to squander. Whether it's big or small, I hope that you have set some newness into place.
Today I had the pleasure of a lunch date with 3 lovely ladies, actually 3 generations. 
I have had the pleasure of knowing them since 2008 and they are so very dear to me. No matter how much time passes, we can quickly catch up with laughter and lunch. 
During our lunch I was encouraged to pick up blogging again, so here I am. Thank you Kathy!

This place is so neglected and sad and I thought it needed a little refreshing.
If anyone else in the blogosphere is feeling that way too, I highly recommend you click your mouse on over to Etsy and stop in the the Designer Blogs Shop. I couldn't be happier with my new space. 
It kind of reminds me of the time I went with my grandma to the wallpaper store and got to pick out any design/pattern that I liked.
I picked out the most beautiful ( in my 5th grade girl opinion) design of purple flowers, paisley and stripes. It was practically magical.
Something about the New Year, brings out the need to redecorate or move around furniture, cut your own hair, try a new style, read more, switch out tea for coffee more often (I know, crazy!), and the list goes on.

So what's new in your neck of the woods?
Did you make any resolutions?

And furthermore, let's chat around a little about what you might like to see in this space?
Do you have any questions for me?

This year I will blog more. I really will.
I want to keep this page a place where you can be encouraged and light, but not be afraid to get deep when I need to. And of course I will share recipes and books that I'm reading and definitely post too many pictures of my dogs. Ha!

Pumpkin Palooza


So here we are approaching November, and like everyone else, I'm all about the pumpkin.
I love the color, I love the smell and I even love them in their purest form. Pumpkin Spice Latte of course! (PSL for all you hardcore coffee drinkers.)
It's a cool, crisp and semi cloudy day here in Arkansas; the kind I like best.
And wouldn't you know, the baking bug has bit me hard!
Plus my hubby is working and I love having something warm and sweet for him when he gets home.
Trust me, your husband will love this too.
So rummaged thru my pantry and of course found a can of pumpkin.
Every time you visit the grocery store during this season, you should grab a can of pumpkin.
One never knows when they might need to whip up a pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread or drum roll please.........a Oatmeal Pumpkin Bundt Cake!
Naturally my cookbook of choice today was Pinterest. Anyone else run to Pinterest when they need a quick recipe?
I thought so :)
The recipe was large enough for a bundt pan AND a small loaf of bread. Well really more like a thick bar if you will.
Either way, it's moist and DELICOUS!
At the Jeter house we are flavor loving fools, so I doubled the recommended amount of spices she used in her recipe.
While the cake is baking for an hour, you can read a book, tackle all the dirty dishes piled up on the counter (yep, that was me), catch up on Gilmore Girls, or just park it in front of the oven and enjoy the bakery-esque smells.
Well, my percolator just finished brewing and I'm crossing my fingers that when I flip that bundt over, all the cake comes out. It's my first bundt experience! :)
I hope you are having a beautiful day!
Go on and bake something.

That Time I Went To Craft Weekend......


It has been so very long since I've spent any time in this space. My blog has been neglected big time.
But in the meantime, I've been busy living. We have been doing a little of this and that, welcome a new dog named Eugene into our home, we moved, changed jobs, left old friends, made new friends and everything else in between it seems. How's that for catching up? Not enough? That's what I figured.
Let's get started ok?
Flip back the calendar pages to May if you will, specifically the last weekend in May.
And let's travel to Kansas via pictures.
A little background first so we're really on the same page ok?
Several years ago, I found Meg Duerksen's Blog . And somewhere along the way, she started Craft Weekend . To describe Craft Weekend in a nut shell doesn't really do it justice nor do the pictures I am about to show you, although it will have to do.
Basically imagine a crafty sleepover, ladies only. Where you get to stay up late, eat the most delicious food imaginable, shop for the best junky treasures at the coolest thrift stores- times that by a trillion and you have an idea of how amazing Craft Weekend is. Ok? Let's keep on.
When I got the email in early winter that I had been chosen to attend May Craft weekend, I was nearly beside myself. Ok, I was beside myself. I was so excited that when I called to tell my husband about it, he may have said things "calm down", "just breathe", "slow down". It was THAT exciting!
Keep in mind I had been on the wait list for almost 2 years! That's right, 2 years! The first time I was chosen, we already had a family vacation planned-boo.
So on a Friday morning, after much packing and praying and planning; I headed to Kansas. By myself. And for some reason, I wasn't even the least bit nervous that I would be spending a weekend in Kansas with 15 other strangers. Yeah, I know.
Below is a plethora of pics that will give you a sneak in to the craft house as well as the lovely ladies I was so blessed to spend the weekend with.
Miracle and I bonded right from the beginning. She is a super amazing gal from the East Coast that I am fortunate to still keep in touch with. In fact we are planning a little crafty weekend for next Spring sometime :)
There is color EVERYWHERE at the craft house. It is simply the best of everything good and creative.
These gals were too fun and kept me laughing all weekend:) I especially enjoyed mornings with coffee on the front porch with Cali and without Shea, I never would have finished my apron. I mean it!
My apron. It's a little wonky.
Part of the fun at Craft Weekend is the incredible swag you receive from sponsors.
Every meal was straight from heaven, prepared by the uber talented Kimberlee. I tried kidnapping her, but I figured her family might miss her.
Bedroom at the Craft House are decorated with such care and thoughtfulness, each as cute as the other. I mean who doesn't love hoop art?
That's Meg on the left of me and Kimberlee to the right. The hostesses with the mostesses. :)
One of the crafts we do is a wreath. I'm pretty sure I could make wreaths That's how much I loved it.
Each Craft Weekend has helpers, and these two were the best. Laura and Lauren. It was so fun getting to know them.
Another craft we did was using potato stamps that we carved ourselves. This is my new "go to" library/bible study bag. Such a creative craft.
These beauties were at the "Barn". Where really happy treasures are to be found.
We had lunch alfresco at the barn. Kimberlee provided a spread fit for royalty. She made a spinach, prosciutto salad with cantaloupe, avocados and walnuts. Homemade dressing, you bet! We also had gourmet popcorn with flavors like dill pickle and jalapeno cheddar. Topped off with a homemade cookie and we ready to keep going!
Some of you may already know about Craft Weekend and for some of you this is your first time hearing about it. I encourage you to visit her blog and get on the waiting list. Even if you are not crafty, sign up. I'm not crafty and I can barely sew and it was the best weekend ever!
Try something new, go ahead. How big is your brave?
Until next time!

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