Ugly Christmas Sweater Party x 2


A few weeks ago we went to an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party.
The invite said that were not allowed to buy a "new sweater", it had to be found at a thrift store or repurposed.
Lucky for us, my mom has a soft spot for all Christmas apparel, and we only had to browse thru her closet.
Thanks again Mom!:)
Getting ready for the party!
Grainy and blurry, this pic says it all! Ha!
Then this past Sunday, on Merry Christmas Eve Eve, we went to another Ugly Christmas Sweater Party at church!
Hubby and friend Chad modeling their couture.
Love it!
Chad and Wenona rocking the sweaters!
Right after church, Chad whipped out the hot glue gun and starting gluing cotton balls to his wife's sweat shirt for her. True Love!:)
I think her facial expression says it all!
Simple yet lovely decor at church.
Our band at church always does a great job, but this Christmas their words were extra beautifully sang.
We are so thankful and blessed to be part of this church. We absolutely love the people and the passion and mission of our church to reach The Last, The Lost and The Least.
If you ever want to check out a message from our pastor, visit
So now we wind down from the Christmas season and start thinking of resolutions and fresh starts right?
One things for sure.
I'm still really enjoying the Christmas Mugs:)
Happy Friday!

Snow Day


So the weather persons forecasted snow and we actually GOT SNOW!
And in case you don't know what a snow day is like for a small southern town, let me help paint a picture for you.
Pretty much everything will shut down.
Except maybe the grocery store, Dollar General and a gas station.
Half of the population will stay snug as bugs in their cozy houses, watch movies,  make a big pot of soup and drink hot chocolate.
The other half will bundle up, start up the old 4 wheel drive pick up truck and drive around town to see what's happening, stopping by friends and family to see if they are ok, need anything from the grocery store and maybe throw a snow ball at them.
We did a combo of the two:)
That hubby of mine was itching to get out in that snow so badly he could barely sit still!

Later that night we were invited to dinner at our dear friends house, where we were fed a delicious meal of chicken alfredo!

During this season of our lives we are being taugh to really hold on to and rely 100% on God.
Money is tight and emotions are a little sensitive.
When we stepped out in FAITH just a few months ago, we knew that times would be different than we were used to.
And honestly I looked forward to that.
I didn't want to go on one more day not appreciating every.single.thing.
And God is bringing us right into the middle of that.
It's in the small moments that BIG FUTURES are being molded.
We are in the midst of praying and believing for a branch of our church to be planted here in Salem.
We are praying for God's plan to show up in a Big Way to change the lives of people forever and turn this little town upside down for the glory of God.
Will you pray along with us for this journey?
We don't know where it's going, but we feel lead.
And really that's where it starts, isn't it?
"Commit your way to the Lord;
trust in him and he will do this: He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn, the justice of your cause like the noonday sun."
Psalm 37:5-6

White Christmas


I've been hoping and praying and wishing and more praying for a White Christmas.
You see growing up in the suburbs of Chicago meant lots of snowy winters, sledding, ice skating and snowball fights.
Well living here in Arkansas is not quite the same.
When I heard there might be a wintry mix around Christmas, I started to get excited.
And then last night's forecast for our area said starting Christmas Day, in the afternoon it will start snowing and will accumulate 6-12 inches of snow!

I am SUPER excited!

From Our Family to Yours,
Merry Christmas!

7 Sleeps


In just 7 more sleeps we will all wake up and it will be Christmas!
Are you ready?

We don't have any presents under our tree this year, by choice.
We are still focusing on the Reason for this season and keeping things minimal.
Spending time in my Bible and hanging on to the Advent Bible study thru SheReadsTruth is preparing Him room.

Everyday has been reminder at our God's love for us and how he sent his ONLY Son to this earth to save a wretch like me and bring hope to the weary.
And I'm not going to lie, sometime I don't feel worthy of that kind of love.
But then there are horrible, unthinkable tragedies like the ones from weeks past and it is so clear that as Christians are work here on this crumbling earth is not done.
We're still here.
People still need Jesus.
And it's up to us to show them His love.

On a lighter note, I want you to see the Cutest Christmas Story ever.


O Holy Night.....


The trees lights are sparkling bright and I'm in awe of the Christmas Tree.
Every year I look forward to this time.
Sitting in the living room, warm drink in Christmasy mug, holiday tunes in the background, and the tree in all it's glory.

However tonight, I'm up, unable to sleep. Getting over the yuckiest cold I've had in a loooooong time and I hear the faint snores of my hubby and beagle down the hall, all tucked in their beds.
And thankfully there aren't any mice stirring!

What is it about being restless that sometime provokes thoughtfulness?
My mind is racing with" I should be doing this" or "I can't believe I haven't already done that."
And I've even started the blame game of "I can't believe an entire year has gone by AGAIN and I'm still this that and the other."

But I'm going to choose to stuff that voice away.
Because it takes away the true meaning of this season.
The season of right now.
Not the pasts failures.
I'm looking towards Him and the BRIGHT future he holds for me and my family.

How can I be so sure you ask?

Because my God is an AWESOME God. He loves and guides and provides and loves some more.
Even when I don't feel it, He's there.

Are you slowing down this Holiday season?
Or is it more like full speed ahead?

We are at a standstill for now, both of us being sick was a big set back.
But it did allow for some great time at home, together.
Sipping on hot soup, taking naps,watching Netflix and devouring boxes of kleenex.
Somehow I felt extremely blessed to be sick at the same time as my hubby.
So that we both had to stop and just BE.

And my Amish friends, whom I love dearly, they whipped me up a little "witch's brew" to help me feel better.
It included:
Apple Cider Vinegar
Red Pepper

Instructions were to drink a tablespoon or teaspoon ( I forget, so I did the tablespoon) every hour.

God bless The Amish and their use of natural remedies:)

I hope you have a great Monday!

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