Sunday Afternoon


Dear Blog,

It's been so long since I've blogged and I'm sorry. Life gets so busy and soon the everyday things just become so much that it's all I can do to get thru the day, get home, put some form of elastic pants on and just be! Anybody else feel that way?

Well this weekend I have felt pretty relaxed. Which according to some is not always how I am. I'm always thinking of what I could or should be doing that I get lost in the actual moment. I know there are others out there doing this too. So right now, I'm blogging, sipping on hot chocolate from a lone packet I found in the cupboard, preparing some soup for the week and getting ready to make molasses cookies.
And of course, as you could probably guess, I'm listening to Christmas music. The Ella Fitzgerald Christmas album on Spotify. Have you discovered this? It's awesome.
There has been so much I've thought about to blog, but the time or ambition has been lost. Soon.

So here are some random pics from this weekend. Finds from the farmer's market, my favorite starbucks christmas mug and an empty mason jar that housed some delishy munchy crunchy cookies.

Hope your weekend was good!

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