Virtual Coffee And A Quick Trip


Hello out there!
I'm joining up with the lovely Amy of Lucky Number 13 today.
She's does her Virtual Coffee dates on Tuesday.
You should join us?!
I'm on my second giant mug of coffee- Starbucks with cream and sugar please, and I'm ready to chat.
How have you been lately? Anything new?
Last week my mom and I made a quick trip to the Chicago suburbs to visit my grandparents.
And really, there isn't anything quick about it, but with good conversation, several Starbuck stops and a few pit stops we made it up there in about 10 hours.
And can I just say, it was FREEZING up there!
We were so glad to head south and back to warmer weather. Apparently living in Arkansas has made me a wimp to the cold.
And it wouldn't be a trip up north without eating @ Portillos.
And like the picture says- it truly is THE place to eat.
A Chicago dog with everything on it please.
Did you know that an authentic Chicago style hot dog does NOT have ketchup on it?
Instead they have fresh tomatoes along with onion, relish, a big dill pickle, celery salt and always on a poppy seed bun. Yum!
In my opinion it pairs best with a cold root beer. But that's just me:)
And please do not comment on the ingredients of a hot dog. Ok?
Thanks :)
When you are in the Chicago suburbs it's easy to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle. Something I prefer NOT to do anymore.
But outside our hotel room window was this serene view.
But no matter where I am, this ALWAYS makes me happy!
Are you with me?
And so, that's about it.
Oh but wait.
There's this picture too:)
Say whaaaaaaaat?!!!!?
Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Ughhh... I miss Portillo's so much. Kicking myself right now that I didn't go there when we were home in December. Now I've got a big-time craving; thanks a lot :)


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