Well hey, hey there!
I just thought I'd pop in here to say hi, dust off this poor little neglected space and get back to blogging!
Nothing like a lot of time at the house with a 24 stomach bug to make you a little stir crazy.
So, feeling much better and ready to blog. Yay! :)
I've been summoning my creative juices lately- which means a LOT of time on Pinterest, and here are some of the things on my mind.
Let's talk hair for a moment shall we?
My hair is finally long enough to actually "do" something with it. I love that. The hubs love it, win, win. So instead of my everyday down or up do, I'm going to start actually having a hairdo!
I like this pic, it seems easy enough, and this girl has major how to videos on her blog. Check her out!
I have a few chairs that this little arrangement would be perfect for on my front porch or somewhere in the yard. Loving the bold colors. Come on Spring! :)
Have you heard all this Kombucha talk?? I'm very interested as it seems I'm always having some type of post gallbladder tummy trouble and this is supposed to help your healthy flora, loaded with probiotics and several other important something or anothers.
 Anyone else out there?
Kombucha is super pricey at the health food stores and only sold in smallish containers. But now according to Pinterest and half my IG feed, I can make it at home with the purchase of a Scoby! Say what? Yes, I'm interested too.
Healthy gut and butt. OK, moving on.....
We recently bought the Family Physician kit from DoTerra. It helps everything from headaches, nausea, muscle pain, arthritis, various skin conditions, cold and flu. Wow! We are new and still learning and Teddy isn't always thrilled with being "oiled" up, but in the long run I do believe we are for the better.
I've been making this no knead bread recipe for months now. It's pretty effortless. All you need is a dutch oven, flour, water, yeast and salt. Anyone can make this bread. As long as you follow the recipe, it turns out perfect. I mean really, is there anything more tasty than a hot slice of homemade bread with butter??? I think not! Try it and let me know what you think!
And for all you coffee lovers out there, I couldn't help but die laughing over this.
I kind of want this print for my kitchen. Someone tell Teddy.
Well I suppose that's all for now. Charlie is softly snoring next to me, and it's way past my bedtime. When you nap all day, you stay up all night. Or something like that.
All of these pics are available on my Pinterest board. Kudos to all the people out their with these cool ideas who share them. None of them are original to me, sadly.

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  1. Sister! LOVE essential oils! We use Young Living! THIEVES is my FAAAAAAVORITE!!!


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