That Time I Went To Craft Weekend......


It has been so very long since I've spent any time in this space. My blog has been neglected big time.
But in the meantime, I've been busy living. We have been doing a little of this and that, welcome a new dog named Eugene into our home, we moved, changed jobs, left old friends, made new friends and everything else in between it seems. How's that for catching up? Not enough? That's what I figured.
Let's get started ok?
Flip back the calendar pages to May if you will, specifically the last weekend in May.
And let's travel to Kansas via pictures.
A little background first so we're really on the same page ok?
Several years ago, I found Meg Duerksen's Blog . And somewhere along the way, she started Craft Weekend . To describe Craft Weekend in a nut shell doesn't really do it justice nor do the pictures I am about to show you, although it will have to do.
Basically imagine a crafty sleepover, ladies only. Where you get to stay up late, eat the most delicious food imaginable, shop for the best junky treasures at the coolest thrift stores- times that by a trillion and you have an idea of how amazing Craft Weekend is. Ok? Let's keep on.
When I got the email in early winter that I had been chosen to attend May Craft weekend, I was nearly beside myself. Ok, I was beside myself. I was so excited that when I called to tell my husband about it, he may have said things "calm down", "just breathe", "slow down". It was THAT exciting!
Keep in mind I had been on the wait list for almost 2 years! That's right, 2 years! The first time I was chosen, we already had a family vacation planned-boo.
So on a Friday morning, after much packing and praying and planning; I headed to Kansas. By myself. And for some reason, I wasn't even the least bit nervous that I would be spending a weekend in Kansas with 15 other strangers. Yeah, I know.
Below is a plethora of pics that will give you a sneak in to the craft house as well as the lovely ladies I was so blessed to spend the weekend with.
Miracle and I bonded right from the beginning. She is a super amazing gal from the East Coast that I am fortunate to still keep in touch with. In fact we are planning a little crafty weekend for next Spring sometime :)
There is color EVERYWHERE at the craft house. It is simply the best of everything good and creative.
These gals were too fun and kept me laughing all weekend:) I especially enjoyed mornings with coffee on the front porch with Cali and without Shea, I never would have finished my apron. I mean it!
My apron. It's a little wonky.
Part of the fun at Craft Weekend is the incredible swag you receive from sponsors.
Every meal was straight from heaven, prepared by the uber talented Kimberlee. I tried kidnapping her, but I figured her family might miss her.
Bedroom at the Craft House are decorated with such care and thoughtfulness, each as cute as the other. I mean who doesn't love hoop art?
That's Meg on the left of me and Kimberlee to the right. The hostesses with the mostesses. :)
One of the crafts we do is a wreath. I'm pretty sure I could make wreaths That's how much I loved it.
Each Craft Weekend has helpers, and these two were the best. Laura and Lauren. It was so fun getting to know them.
Another craft we did was using potato stamps that we carved ourselves. This is my new "go to" library/bible study bag. Such a creative craft.
These beauties were at the "Barn". Where really happy treasures are to be found.
We had lunch alfresco at the barn. Kimberlee provided a spread fit for royalty. She made a spinach, prosciutto salad with cantaloupe, avocados and walnuts. Homemade dressing, you bet! We also had gourmet popcorn with flavors like dill pickle and jalapeno cheddar. Topped off with a homemade cookie and we ready to keep going!
Some of you may already know about Craft Weekend and for some of you this is your first time hearing about it. I encourage you to visit her blog and get on the waiting list. Even if you are not crafty, sign up. I'm not crafty and I can barely sew and it was the best weekend ever!
Try something new, go ahead. How big is your brave?
Until next time!


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