How does one jump into blogging after such an embarrassingly long absence? Well, here we go.

Random thoughts and musings.......

Are you having Olympic withdrawls now that the games are over? I'm not certain if you can relate, but my obsession with the Olympics left my husband a little puzzled. You see we are not "sporty" people. We never watch a game or attend any sort of organized sports. And truthfully, I'm glad I married a man who is not "married" to a team or has to get home to watch the game. If that is your thing, awesome! To each their own. But back to the Olympics- this year, my mom and I were actually in Chicago and watched the Opening Ceremony from a hotel, complete with snacks from Trader Joes. It was fabulous! I have since recorded the coverage each night and watched with baited breath as they swam fast and tumbled, and ran and ping ponged and even trampolined! And now, nothing. Sigh.

Also, another subject we should discuss, pie. There is a lady at the farmer's market who is killing the pie scene. She has cutesy marketing and homemade crust to die for. I'm currently enjoying a slice of gingered pear and apple pie with coffee. Not bad for a Monday afternoon.

Next up, the weather. Fall is my favorite season. You know this about me. So the last 2 days when I wake up and the temp is hovering at 60 degrees, I get all kinds of swoony and think about wearing my husbands flannel whilst sipping a cinnamon pumpkin latte and burning a maple sugared candle. Oh, speaking of pumpkin- this morning we "harvested" a volunteer pumpkin from the garden. What's a volunteer pumpkin you ask? Well let's rewind a little. Last year, sometime in December, when I realized my pumpkins were still on the porch and Christmas was near, I picked up those bad boys and threw them on our garden spot. Never to be thought of again.......until a couple of months ago. We noticed that a "squash" variety was growing in the garden. But all we had purposely planted were tomatoes, peppers and onions. Do you see where I'm going with this? Not much time passed and we noticed the vines were taking over the lawn, creeping over the fence and venturing into the neighbors lawn too. And as we peered under the giant  The sad thing about pumpkins coming on this early, well they don't make it to my "fall porch" where they sit happily amongst the mums and greet my visitors. But the great thing about pumpkins coming on this early is that if you husband is as nice as mine, he will cut them up, arrange them on a cookie sheet and roast them at 350 until tender. At that point you will wait until them are cool enough to handle and peel the skins, put them in your grandmother's pyrex mixing bowl, the one you normally use for making cookies and meatloafs, and then you will use a little elbow grease and show that masher who's boss. After that you will divide into ziploc freezer bags and throw into the freezer for a later date. Or you could go ahead and make a pie right then.

Other things I would like to mention, my church. I absolutely love my church and the people who are in it. It's a small country church but the hearts of the congregants are BIG. I'm currently the Sunday School teacher and something about that phrase makes my heart swell. For many years we have struggled with fitting in at a church, or finding a church we could call home. And now my hubby is the pastor and shepherd of this flock and I'm so proud of him and the calling God has for us. Just remember, God doesn't call the qualified. He qualifies the called. We are always going to fall short, but God has our back.

Well that's all for random ramblings today. I'll be back soon.....

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