Cold and Gloomy- I love it!


Today started out rainy and chilly. And since we don't have a fenced in backyard, this means that at dark thirty, I start my day by walking the dog. Just a spin around the yard, to get all the important business done, then dashing back in the house to get warm. Then I sit on the couch with a mug of steaming coffee in hand, cream and sugar please, reading my bible and having a few more minutes of snuggling with Charlie. Have I mentioned how much I love that silly little Beagle?

On rainy days I want to curl up with a good book, a blanket and a warm mug of tea. I know I'm a coffee girl, but on chilly nights a nice darjeeling or earl grey sounds good to me.

Last night I made a big pot of soup that I can enjoy most of the week for lunches and maybe even a supper too. But I love this soup, so I don't want to overdo it and then end up hating it. And over the weekend my hubby made us sourdough bread. A few weeks ago we had gone to a fall festival in Missouri and we purchased a sourdough starter. It came in a wagon across the land back in the 1800's. Brings a whole new meaning to sourdough.

Little did we know that when started making the bread Sunday, it had to sit around rising for hours, then add more flour, close to 20 cups of flour and sit around for several more hours! We were up to our ears in dough and bread! So we made cinnamon rolls and a braided garlic loaf, 2 pizza doughs which we froze and 3 loaves of regular bread. So today I enjoyed homemade soup for lunch and bread for dipping.

Happy Tuesday!
Hope you're having a great day!

The faithful city mouse

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