Snow Day


So the weather persons forecasted snow and we actually GOT SNOW!
And in case you don't know what a snow day is like for a small southern town, let me help paint a picture for you.
Pretty much everything will shut down.
Except maybe the grocery store, Dollar General and a gas station.
Half of the population will stay snug as bugs in their cozy houses, watch movies,  make a big pot of soup and drink hot chocolate.
The other half will bundle up, start up the old 4 wheel drive pick up truck and drive around town to see what's happening, stopping by friends and family to see if they are ok, need anything from the grocery store and maybe throw a snow ball at them.
We did a combo of the two:)
That hubby of mine was itching to get out in that snow so badly he could barely sit still!

Later that night we were invited to dinner at our dear friends house, where we were fed a delicious meal of chicken alfredo!

During this season of our lives we are being taugh to really hold on to and rely 100% on God.
Money is tight and emotions are a little sensitive.
When we stepped out in FAITH just a few months ago, we knew that times would be different than we were used to.
And honestly I looked forward to that.
I didn't want to go on one more day not appreciating every.single.thing.
And God is bringing us right into the middle of that.
It's in the small moments that BIG FUTURES are being molded.
We are in the midst of praying and believing for a branch of our church to be planted here in Salem.
We are praying for God's plan to show up in a Big Way to change the lives of people forever and turn this little town upside down for the glory of God.
Will you pray along with us for this journey?
We don't know where it's going, but we feel lead.
And really that's where it starts, isn't it?
"Commit your way to the Lord;
trust in him and he will do this: He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn, the justice of your cause like the noonday sun."
Psalm 37:5-6


  1. ahhh, so pretty! we have only had one light snow, very light... didn't even stick but the kids are so anxious for a real snow! i'm glad you are right where you think you should be-- that is a wonderful feeling. happy holidays Rachel!!!

  2. girl, the unknown is so scary but with God at the wheel, we can rest, amen!?
    my word for the year is peace.
    i want peace within my family, peace within myself and to just rest in it.
    that word just keeps coming into my i'm going with it.
    so excited to see where God will lead you guys.
    we live in a small town, too.
    maybe you will move to HILLSBORO, WISCONSIN!
    there. it's a sign. ;) lol!

    but seriously, i will pray for you. xoxo
    love you!

    ps now i want alfredo. soooo hungry!


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