7 Sleeps


In just 7 more sleeps we will all wake up and it will be Christmas!
Are you ready?

We don't have any presents under our tree this year, by choice.
We are still focusing on the Reason for this season and keeping things minimal.
Spending time in my Bible and hanging on to the Advent Bible study thru SheReadsTruth is preparing Him room.

Everyday has been reminder at our God's love for us and how he sent his ONLY Son to this earth to save a wretch like me and bring hope to the weary.
And I'm not going to lie, sometime I don't feel worthy of that kind of love.
But then there are horrible, unthinkable tragedies like the ones from weeks past and it is so clear that as Christians are work here on this crumbling earth is not done.
We're still here.
People still need Jesus.
And it's up to us to show them His love.

On a lighter note, I want you to see the Cutest Christmas Story ever.


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