Ugly Christmas Sweater Party x 2


A few weeks ago we went to an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party.
The invite said that were not allowed to buy a "new sweater", it had to be found at a thrift store or repurposed.
Lucky for us, my mom has a soft spot for all Christmas apparel, and we only had to browse thru her closet.
Thanks again Mom!:)
Getting ready for the party!
Grainy and blurry, this pic says it all! Ha!
Then this past Sunday, on Merry Christmas Eve Eve, we went to another Ugly Christmas Sweater Party at church!
Hubby and friend Chad modeling their couture.
Love it!
Chad and Wenona rocking the sweaters!
Right after church, Chad whipped out the hot glue gun and starting gluing cotton balls to his wife's sweat shirt for her. True Love!:)
I think her facial expression says it all!
Simple yet lovely decor at church.
Our band at church always does a great job, but this Christmas their words were extra beautifully sang.
We are so thankful and blessed to be part of this church. We absolutely love the people and the passion and mission of our church to reach The Last, The Lost and The Least.
If you ever want to check out a message from our pastor, visit
So now we wind down from the Christmas season and start thinking of resolutions and fresh starts right?
One things for sure.
I'm still really enjoying the Christmas Mugs:)
Happy Friday!


  1. eee! the cotton balls on the sweater!!!!!!!!
    so fun! lolol!!!
    i'm sippin my joe right now, wishing you were here by me...someday sweetie!
    have a great day!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Sorry about deleting the first comment, I was logged in under the wrong account! Anyway, this ugly Christmas sweater party sounds so fun! I had never heard of it before until I saw it on your instagram. My husband and I agreed that it would be a great thing to do with our Sunday School class next year. I've enjoyed following you on instagram and will follow you here now as well!

  4. love the coffee pot. I got one from the thrifty, and I have no idea how to use. Any advice? Thanks!


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