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Oh Hey There!
I'm that girl that used to blog a little more frequently- remember me? :)
Since I'll be linking up with Amy over at Lucky Number 13 for Virtual Coffee today, I encourage you to go get a beverage of your choice and get settled in.
I'm about to tell you a story that is going to be talked about for years to come in my little town.
I don't know where to begin, so let's start a few years ago when the hubby and I started dating and got engaged.
No this isn't a love story, but well, sort of it is.
You see long ago the hubby and I knew  that we were called to ministry. We didn't know the details, but we knew that God was preparing us. So the hubby filled in at  a few churches, preaching on a Sunday or helping out with Sunday School, but we still were not certain. We prayed and prayed, we even thought about going to another town to be the youth leaders, but nothing felt quite right.
Fast forward to January 2012.
We had been looking for a good church to settle in with and hadn't yet found that in our town.
We felt led to try out Brand New Church in Mountain Home, which is a town about 45 minutes away from our house.
We loved it instantly!
Everyone was so nice, the music was awesome, and they served STARBUCKS! Hello!!!
We had arrived!
We still felt the pull to be a part of ministry so we continued to pray and reall listen for God's direction. All the while, God was still preparing us. Like a good roast in the oven on slow and low.
That was our journey. Slow and low.
We helped out in the kids area and wherever else we were needed.
And as some of you regular followers of this blog know, my hubby left his job at the end of September 2012 to start doing what he had felt God calling him to do. Except he didn't really know exactly what that was, he just knew he couldn't serve the way He wanted us to when he worked on the road and was gone all week.
So we met up with our pastor, and started talking about opening a sattelite church here in Salem, our town. He thought it was a great idea! You see Brand New Church, or BNC, has the main campus in Bergman, Arkansas. And then there are 10 or so other sattelite campuses. Each location has a campus pastor and a live worship band, but we watch the main message on a screen every Sunday together.
So back to our coffee date with the pastor.....
We talked it over some more, he encouraged us to continue to pray and so would they. We all felt excited about the possibilities and knew that God was IN this!
We met up the week after Christmas and decided that this was the right thing to do.
So this is finally it!?!!?? Yes!!!!! A BNC was going to open in Salem and Teddy would be the campus pastor! So exciting!
Now about a building to meet in????
There is an old building here in town that we felt was just right. We knew immediately, along with our worship leader and his wife that THIS BUILDING had to be it!
So we contacted the owners and they said they wanted $2000 a month.
Hold the phone! Say what?
We told them we were thinking more like $700??!!
So they thought about it and called us back................
And do want to know what they said to us?????
Are you still with me?????
The called back our Finance Pastor and asked him if we would like to acquire the building for  FREE?
They needed a tax write off, we needed a church building and BOOM!
Can you believe that!!??
We have felt certain about this all from the beginning, but this was such a HUGE affirmation that God is preparing our way! He is hand in hand with us in this journey.
He's doing the Supernatural, while we do the natural.
I urge you to not think small in your prayers. We serve a very mighty and powerful God. He is still in the miracle business my friends and nothing is TOO BIG for Him.
Can you imagine what God is going to do in this town if he worked out the details to get us a building for FREE?
For all of you in the area reading this, we plan to have a soft launch mid February and then our Grand Opening March 31, Easter Sunday!
We are so excited and ready to do God's work. We cannot wait to see where He is going to bring us and the people's lives that will be transformed thru this experience.
I will tell you right now, it's already changing my life.
If He is For us, who I ask you, could be against us?!


  1. that just gave me goosebumps, Rachel. seriously, that is just the coolest thing ever! i can't wait to follow along on this big journey with you and see what happens in your lives. yay!
    thanks for linking up for coffee today : )

  2. So awesome!! I can't wait to hear more as your journey unfolds!

  3. HOLD THE PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!
    what can't our great big God NOT do!?!
    you guys are inspirational and the faith you have to trust Him in everything is nothing short of amazing.
    i love you girl! like, A LOT!
    BIG HUGS!!!!

  4. Um...I needed to read this today.
    1. That is AMAZING!!! :)
    2. I'm SO excited for you guys as you start this new adventure!! Wow!! Amazing!! And a FREE building?!?! Say what?? God is GOOD!!
    3. You are giving me hope and confirming what I needed to hear. God is BIG and my prayers aren't too small for Him.
    Wow!!! I'm in awe...we serve a MIGHTY God!! :)

  5. Rachel!!!....What an amazing journey y'all are on! I LOVE when God shows out and HE get's all the glory! He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly more than we could ever ask or think!! Y'all we're thinking $700 and He was thinking FREE! Love it.

    We lived in a gorgeous 2 story 4 bedroom home for an little over a year for FREE when Nick was in full time evangelism. He amazes me how He never calls us into something that He will not provide and equip us for that task. Good stuff girl. Can't wait to see more of what He is up to.


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