Thinking Of Warmer Days Ahead


The weather here in Arkansas is weird.
One day it will be 60, the next day calls for a high of 30, but will feel like 20.
Add in a sprinkle of ice and snow and it can make a person go nutty really.
And what it really does it make me long for the warmer days when things start to bloom and farmer's markets are buzzing again, the windows can be thrown open in celebration of fresh air. Blankets and warm candles are put away and out comes the sweet, citrusy smell of being alive.
It's funny how towards the end of the season I start to get a wanderlust for what's coming next.
And I don't mean to do that.
I really do try and be ok with the "right now".
So here are some random pics that you might have already seen long ago to get you in the mood for warmth.

Picked from our garden.

Hubby makes the bon fire, I get the coffee ready. We're a good team like that.

I can almost taste the juicy goodness of these fresh peaches from the summer!

Peonies are my favorite flower. The end.

Fresh strawberries.

Garden fresh corn on the cob was made for grilling over an open fire.
You can thank me later :)

And of course how could there be a post about warmer days without including tomatoes.

Jam for days.

But the most important thing, not matter what season we're in is this:



  1. yes but we all know that after a nice Spring comes the dang hot summer. 105 aint pretty Miss Rachel.

  2. oooooh! i cannot wait for spring girlie!!
    so excited!
    this snow has just GOT.TO.GO! :)

    xoxoxo love YOU!

  3. I'm loving the thought of spring. I wish I had your big bushel of peppers!


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