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Hello Wednesday!
The week is half way done, but I just thought I would tell you a little bit about the fabulous weekend we had in Eureka Springs.
As you probably remember from this post and this post back in March of 2012, we LOVE Eureka Springs. We honeymooned there, twice, and try and make it back there as much as we can. Which usually ends up to once a year.
So when our church decided to have a staff advance for all leaders in Eureka Springs, I started packing my bags!
It was awesome!
And we stayed in the Crescent Hotel which has a spooky reputation for being haunted.
Despite my hubby's hopes of seeing or hearing a ghost and a claim that the air conditioner turned off in the middle of the night when in fact it was never on in the first place, I didn't see/hear any creepy activity.
Thank goodness!
And the view from our shared balcony was beautiful!
We felt so blessed to be there with our friends and church family. Since we are part of a satellite church, we don't "see" everyone on Sunday. It's easy to forget that there are people on the other side of the screen worshipping right along with us.
We absolutely love our Pastor and the church we serve.
And we know that 2013 will be a BIG DEAL for our little town.
We had some down town before our first session began on Friday night, so naturally we spent it sipping mochas overlooking the historic Basin Park.
Good grief I love that place!
Is there anything better than a great view, good conversation and fabulous coffee????
We are feeling so blessed to be part of this all and knowing that God has been forming our lives for such a time.
It feels so BIG.
And yet we know we are small in the scheme of things.
Something that I took away from the sessions we had with our guest speaker Willie George from Church On The Move was this:
God will not do what man can do.
Sometimes it's your turn to move.
God takes care of the Supernatural while we take care of the natural.
That was HUGE to me.
God gave us hands and feet and a brain and sometimes we need to get over ourselves and JUST DO IT.
What is  God asking you to do lately?
Are there answers you are looking for but not receiving?
Maybe it's your turn?


  1. So glad y'all had a fun weekend!!!! That place does look wonderfully peaceful!!!

  2. so excited for you!!!
    oh, and VERY thankful, too.

  3. Love the view y'all enjoyed. And I love what you took away from the weekend. Good stuff.


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