Hello Tuesday


Well Hello There.....
How are you today?

Anything exciting going on in your neck of the woods/city/country/suburb?

Over here it's a run of the mill, ordinary day. 
Alone at the house, hoping to get some organizing of my mess stuff done, maybe even purging of the closets type stuff too.

And let's talk about that for a minute can we?
Do you purge your closets? 
I generally try to go by a rule of if I haven't worn it in a year or it doesn't make me feel pretty or comfortable I donate it. Unless it has holes or bad stains, then I just toss or save for rag pile.
But what if you're going thru a time when you are trying to slim down, and you have several clothes in smaller sizes? Do you hold onto them for when you slim down, or get rid of them?
Does your answer change if I tell you that I have kept these clothes for possibly years expecting to "slim down"?

So, over the weekend my monthly Better Homes and Gardens came in and these Happy Taffy Apples jumped into my cart at the grocery store. Ok not really. I got them for a little treat for the hubs and I.
Well turns out, he doesn't really care for them. Whaaaaaaaaat? I know, I was suprised too. So I may or may not have finished all four of them by myself over the course of 2 days. Don't judge. At the core, they are apples after all. 

I also tried no heat curls over the weekend. 
It kind of worked. 
I waited until my hair was damp, added a little gel, then wrapped my hair around a stretchy head band.
But then the hubby came home from chopping wood and was pooped, so we took a nap and I woke up with crazy hair.
So much for curls.
Have any of you tried this?
Any good tips?

Speaking of wood chopping.
I want to give my hard working hubby a shout out.
He works full time, on the road, away from home during the week.
Then he comes home and takes on extra jobs to provide for our family.
Between his full time job, the A/C work on the weekends and the occassional wood chopping, he is a busy guy working hard for us.
We have a friend who always says " Well somebody's got to keep the lights on...." and my hubby always says that he works the extra jobs so we can buy bones from our Charlie boy. 
Is he a keeper or what?!

On that note, anybody need any firewood?? :)

As I headed outside to water the garden this morning, I noticed the beautiful flowers near the a/c unit.
A lot of things are dying out because of how dry it's been, but these keep thriving even without being watered.
That little door goes under our house, but in this picture it looks much more interesting than that doesn't it?

In addition to the hubby being a hard worker and busy as a bee, he also made time to plant a fall crop.
We're hoping to take advantage of the hot weather Arkansas has into October.
So he has planted us squash, lettuces, turnips, radishes and a few other things.
And after 2 weeks, these little squash plants are coming right along.

When I don't blog, I really do miss it. And you guys.
I miss the comments and the interaction.
So I'm working into my new schedule, and figuring out how to best manage my time.
And since a blog is a great place to talk or ask questions, do any of you know of a good and LEGIT work from home opportunity? Even if it's just part time? Something that doesn't involve selling?

I hope you are all having a great day!


  1. Missed you girlie! I wish I had some of that wood! Get him to cut into small disk for you to use for coasters or even placemats for the fall! I've seen it on pinterest. I am currently carting around 3 HUGE PINE LOGS in my truck hoping I can get my dad to cut for me! My truck smells heavenly! HA!!!

    As for stay at home....I've had a friend that worked for Home Shopping Network...might try that. She worked nights I think, answering calls and taking orders.

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!

  2. hey girl!
    a fall garden?! oh my!
    i can't even keep up with our summer garden.
    if you were closer, i would TOTALLY share our squash because we have SO much!
    my girlies LOVE the no heat curls...it always turns out so nice on them...me...not so much! :)
    hooray for a hard workin' man!
    xoxo love ya!


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