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Have I told you that a couple of cute visitors have stopped by the Jeter Casa?
They were meowing and meowing and very hungry.
And even though I'm not crazy about cats, I started feeding them.
I couldn't help myself.
So if you are ever hungry or needing care, just show up at my door meowing or barking and I will feed you. :)

This one is named "Old Yeller" .

Can you see the Dew on her sweet face? She loves climbing the trees in the back yard and adventuring thru the overgrown grassy areas.
And luckily Charlie likes her. He doesn't know that dogs aren't supposed to like cats.
He just knows how to love. Sigh.
Now the neighbor's dog who thinks she is our dog, well that's something else.

She has a little side kick too, but this one is pretty shy and won't let you get to close. Unless you have food, that's another story.
They like the garden and search out bugs.
Good job kitties.

The bigger one, always tries coming into the house.
I'm not really interested in that idea.
I had two cats in a previous life. It ended badly.
And that's all we're going to say about that.

On a side note, when I was younger my mother told me to never play in a sandbox because no doubt all the neighborhood cats used it as a litter box. 
Did your mother ever say that to you?
How do they know these things?
Still to this day, I think that when I see a sand box.
And I also remember her saying never to run or walk fast in flip flops because I would surely slip and fall and break my neck.
Thanks Mom.

Remember last week when I told you we were going to see The Odd Life of Timothy Green?? 
It was by far the BEST movie I have seen in a loooooong time.
It was a great date night choice for this couple.
We held hands and giggled at each other like when we first started dating and the newness of being in love was so REAL.
It didn't have bad language- it's a Disney movie.
The colors and outfits and setting was beautiful.
The story takes place during fall which as I hope you know is my FAVORITE SEASON of all time!
To say that I cried my eyes out is an understatement.
Thank goodness we got extra napkins for the popcorn, which was fatteningly delicious thank you.

You must see it.

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  1. can i just say that i am so glad that you heeded your mothers advice and didn't run in flip flops?
    because i'm really glad you're still around, girl!
    that kitty is so very stinkin' cute!
    we have an indoor kitty and i really love him quite a lot!
    he slept with me when nathan was gone on business two nights ago. :)
    amen for true love, sister.
    it totally warms my heart to hear that.
    gonna have to check out that movie.
    we are always looking for decent movies around here.


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