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I've been trying to explore some crafty things that I could do to help bring in a little extra income for our family.

One thing I love in my home is a candle burning.

There are so many things to love about it.
They smell amazing, bring coziness to the home and add light without electricity. (Ok that last one was obvious.)
One thing I don't love about candles is how pricey they are.
One brand in particular,that we all know and love and rhymes with "stanky" can cost $25 for a large candle! 
Say whaaaaaat?!?!
I could seriously go broke buying candles and other fragrancy things to make my casa smell muy bueno!
So I googled candle making.
And like all subjects that get googled there was a bazillion items to look at.
So I chose a couple of You Tube Videos.
They are kind of lengthy, but worth the watch for someone who has no clue.
That would be me by the way.

These are just a couple, there are seriously a TON to choose from.

In these days when I can feel Fall right around the corner, all I want to do is drink coffee, bake, read and have yummy smelling candles lighting up the house.

I think I'm going to jump in and try candle making.

Have you ever tried it? Any good tips?


  1. Oh my mother-in-law loves "those" candles! That's the only store she buys candles from...and let me mention that she only likes ONE scent from there. I think making candles would be interesting, and I've entertained the idea a time or two. You'll definitely have to let us know how it all turns out!! Oh, and now I'm itching for a fall-scented candle to burn on Saturday, while I'm putting up my Fall decorations. :]

  2. Girl! No more candles at my house. We use scentsy! SO MUCH CHEAPER than a candle and the scents are amazing!!!!!! The upfront cost is a litlte more because you have to buy the burner, but after that the scent bars are only $6! And they last FOREVER!!!!! I have 3 scentsy burners in our apartment! WE LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!

  3. STANKY!!! hahaha!
    you are awesome, my friend! :)
    i HEART candles, too!


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