Virtual Coffee and a LOVEly Mini- Vacation


Good Morning!
Ready for coffee?

The picture of coffee I'm sharing with you this morning is actually from my mini vacation with the hubberooni. We had a really splendid time. We needed a getaway badly! I don't know why we waited so long! A vacation with your family or visiting your family, is not really a vacation. That is my opinion anyway. Unless of course your family is Oprah, and then I imagine it might feel like a vacation.

So back to our coffee!
Say hello to the most delicious of declicousness. This is a White Chocolate Mocha from the Daily Roast in Eureka.
I slurped this up as if my life depended on it.
 They. roast.their.own.beans.

Need I say more?

As I approached the roaster I began drooling and thinking about where I could put one of these in my kitchen. I think the hubs sensed my excitement and tried to bring me back down to earth. The aroma of freshly roasted beans is unlike any other. Heaven.

It was a mixture of cold and rainy at times. And my uber macho hubby who never gets chilly, was suddenly wishing he had a jacket/sweatshirt.
And so what's a person to do whilst on vacation and needing a coat? Well you grab the nearest long sleeved shirt you can buy naturally.
And that's how he ended up wearing a tie dyed shirt from Eureka Daily Roast. Haha. What a hunk!
We later realized that it had a skull on the back.  Totally tough. Or maybe Grateful Dead?
Needless to say I think I'm going to steal/borrow it. I used to LOVE a good tie dyed shirt, even made a few in my younger days. When did it become dorky? Who cares, I say.
I think it makes him look super studly. For reals!

On our very first honeymoon trip to Eureka we had a funnel cake and we shared it on a picnic bench with the sun shining and the birds chirping.
This go around we had it in the car while it was raining. And it was just as romantic. May have even stole a few smooches :)
Then we walked past this, and even though I wasn't hungry and definitely didn't need one, I NEEDED ONE! Do you do that too?
Teddy politely grabbed my hand and we kep walking. He so knows me.

I think I'm going to write to the Mayor of Eureka and inform him that underneath the city's name should be a sign that says "CITY OF FOOD". It's seriously everywhere.
There was a place called Peace, Love and Cheesecake- we didn't make it there, but just the name got me.
But we did eat at the Garden Bistro. And it was extremely delicious! Everything was grown or harvested locally. Even their beef/poultry/fish. We were fans from the start. They even bake their bread in little terra cotta flower pots. I mean REALLY!

The Crescent Hotel is one of the oldest in town. Their grounds were literally dripping in tulips. It was so beautiful. I made the hubs pull over so I could jump out and take pics. Doesn't it looks awesome?
Supposedly this hotel is haunted. And yes, people still stay there. They even have tours so you can connect with the ghosts and take their pictures, exchange emails and have lunch.

Ok, not really. Can you tell I'm not into that sort of thing? :)
I'm sure it's entertaining, but we skipped that tour.

And then.........we found a book store.
And it was all over.

The hubby and I should NEVER be allowed in a book store, together.
We bought several books there, including the one above.
And do you know what I liked about it?
They didn't have the latest releases or "popular" books. The owner told us that her sister buys all the book for the store based on what she likes to read and some reccomendations. How lovely.

And thanks to this trip,  my desire to own a coffee shop/book store/restaraunt/floral shop has increased by a zillion percent.

It was a great time, so sad to leave. But it was so important for us to connect and have time together. Even though we don't have kids yet and when we're home it's just us and the dog and the dirty dishes, we still needed to get away.

And my love for the handsome guy in the tie dye grows everyday.

I love you Mr. Jeter.

So how is your coffee today?
What's happening?


  1. I love Eureka! =) Sounds like a great trip. I agree with you about visiting's not a vacation. Thanks for coffee!! Loved this post!

  2. omg my mouth is watering for one of those apples! and i agree a vacation with family or visiting family ISN'T vacation! infact - you need a vacation AFTER visiting family!

    TRISH - Virtual Coffee

  3. Hey @Jennifer! Thanks so much for stopping by! Have you been to Eureka? Are you in Arkansas somewhere?

    @Trish- so glad I'm not the only one drooling over the caramel apples.

    And also glad you girls agree about vacations! :)

  4. My coffee is great! I doctored it up like you would. 1 cream 2 sugars 3 stirs. 143

  5. Yes Hanna! You do need it! :) It was life changing delicious! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Sounds like a fantastic trip! And anything involving romance, food, and books is pretty much my favorite kind of vacation too. So glad you got a little getaway together.

  7. i love bookstores like that! sadly, they're getting harder and harder to find in the UK *sigh* i think my hubbie and me should have a similar mini break - yours sounds so lovely :)
    thanks for coffee!

  8. dear rachel,
    i don't know if you'd like to join in, but i've made a VC post for those of us who are missing our coffee chats... :)


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