Very Pinteresting….


Sometimes I peruse Pinterest for recipes.
Sometimes I peruse Pinterest for a craft idea.
Or to look for a good book.
Or Christmas stuff.
Or cute dogs.

And one time I saw the cutest picture of a baby giraffe.

Can you even handle that?!
Go ahead and type in baby giraffe's on Pinterest. It will instantly make your day brighter.

Lately I've been wanting to fluff up our nest a little. We have lived in our new house a little over 3 months now. Our walls are bare and not much actual decorating has taken place. I kind of feel like I needed to get to know the house. And how it flows. And what works best and where. But now I'm ready to make it ours.

I mentioned in a previous post that the New Year brings on thoughts of moving the furniture around or just doing something NEW.

So hear are some of my recent pins and inspirations for decorating.

I hope you enjoyed some of these cozy spaces, and maybe even found a little inspiration too.


  1. All the rooms have a nice, bright coziness about them - lovely.

  2. Pinterest is an excellent resource.


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