Random Weekend Thoughts


Hello Saturday, 

Oh how I love you! You start with a little sleeping in, several mugs of coffee and maybe a little reading.
Then the rest of the day feels endless with opportunities. 
Should we wander about the town? Stopping at the book store, grabbing more coffee (always a good thing) or eating lunch out?
Or maybe instead we should stay in, and bake the day away. A loaf of bread or a new soup sounds super inviting on a cold day.
And then of course there is dinner to think about, should we keep it easy and order in a pizza or should I get that frozen bird out of the freezer and roast a whole chicken? Because recently I am feeling unstoppable when it comes to cooking, even if it turns out terrible.
Have you ever made your own chicken stock?
I looked up a few recipes.
This one looks like a good one to try!

Did I tell you that I whipped up some homemade mayo last week?
Oh yes, I really did.
I found the recipe here. 
This might sound silly, but I really felt a little like a superhero after I did that.
It was so ridiculously easy, it was almost embarrassing. 
The same can be said for homemade pie crust. 
Why do we buy the store bought (I know, I know- it's easy!)?

Each and every time I make it from scratch, I think to myself "Rachel- you should do this more often!"

But then I hear Paula Deen in my ear saying from her show that she uses store bought pie crust and it feels like it's ok. Or is it?

Dear Paula Deen, 
Have you ever looked at the ingredients on a store bought pie crust?
Yours Truly, 
Ambitious in Arkansas

Don't worry. I would never send such a letter to her. 
I love her.

Sunday will be church and life group and no doubt a good meal or two. 
There is also the expectance of a "wintry mix" here in Northern Arkansas.
Which really means, anything goes.

And after all this Much Ado About Nothing, I will leave you with this. In case you are all about that bass. :)
Have a great weekend!

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