Have You Met Eugene?


You all know Charlie right? Cutest Beagle in all the land?

His cute furriness kills me. Everyday.
We adopted him from the shelter almost 4 years ago. And they called him Roscoe. Pffft.
I thank God that I didn't come upon him and his other little puppy brothers and sisters because I would have crumbled under the cuteness and become a crazy beagle dog lady and brought them all home. Whew!
He is a total mama's boy and we are nothing short of ridiculous when it comes to our dogs.

Those big fuzzy ears are heart melters. 
He is totally, 100% spoiled to the core.
He is our first "child".
He sleeps with us.
And drinks the rest of our coffee that he thinks we leave for him in our mugs every morning.
Basically, he's addicted.

But this is a blog post about Eugene. Our second child.

Hi Eugene!
He is happy all the time.
Always wagging his tail.
Always ready to eat.
Loves to play outside.
Content with chewing on a bone for hours (if it lasts that long!)
He is the perfect sidekick for Charlie.

His story with us, starts with Teddy.
You know, that farm boy I married?

Hi Teddy!
{Gosh he's cute.}

Ok, back to Eugene.
Sometime early last Spring, Teddy was reading the newspaper and saw that there was a "mess of hound dogs" at the shelter.
Darn those newspapers featuring cute puppies and what not.

So he decided that he needed a dog. Possibly a huntin' dog. 
A dog that would ride in the truck with him and go on adventures. 
Really a sidekick for Teddy.
(Charlie gets car sick and prefers to nap on the couch with a good bunky, i.e.. blank)

And we had long decided that Charlie really did need a friend because he was doing weird things. Like barking at the broom for no reason.
Or shredding up napkins and papers when he normally did not.
We thought he was lonely while we were at work and needed a pal.
Turns out we were right. (Thank God!)

We prayed and prayed about it.
I assure you, praying over your silly pets, is not silly at all.
God loves them too.
And yes, all dogs ARE going to heaven and don't try to tell me otherwise. I mean it.

Ok, where were we?

We were on our way to the shelter to pick out a hound dog.
But on our way we passed the local farm store and wouldn't you know that on this particularly sunny Saturday morning there was someone in an old farm truck giving away puppies.
Of course!

So we stopped.
And Teddy instantly fell in love with him.
Ol' Eugene.

When he was tiny he looked this.

He was so little, and fragile and too young for them to be giving him away from his mama.
He's a lab mix of sorts.

And he would fall asleep anywhere.
He would be playing, playing, playing and then zonk out!
Just like that!

He started capturing out hearts immediately. 
Although the puppy phase is not for the faint of heart.
We really, really lucked out with him.
Hardly any accidents in the house.
Nothing major eaten up.

He and Charlie got to adventuring right away……..in my ferns on the front porch!

Eugene got cuter and cuter everyday.
And bigger.
It was like we watering and feeding one of those things that expand in the bathtub the longer it soaks.

Here's a funny fact:
When we want our boys to come inside from the backyard, we stick our heads out the back door and whistle "Flava Flav". Do you know that sound? The old rap guy who always wears a huge clock around his neck?
Yeah, I know it's weird.
BUT, the dogs come running!
It's wonderful.
For awhile I secretly thought Eugene might only speak Spanish, but luckily we broke thru that language barrier. 

See? Bigger.

He loves to sniff my ears and kiss them.
I'm not sure what this means about me.

You cannot imagine how hard it is to get a picture with him not moving.
He is constantly on the move.

Here they are, tag teaming, slurping up coffee from Teddy's mug.

And so that is the story of our Eugene.
And I'm holing true to the part about me sharing too many pics of our dogs.

Happy Monday!

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