Happy Day Project- Summer Plan


Good Morning Wednesday!
So nice to see you! :)
How is everyone today?
Already looking forward to the weekend?
Yeah, me too.

I'm linking up with Alicia from La Famille today.


{I seriously LOVE this picture }

She inspires us to do something for ourselves and to stay happy.
Great idea right?!

Her last challenge was to come up with a summer plan. Her's was on the healthy side.
And I think mine will be too.

The past couple of weeks I have not been real concerned about healthy eating.
Here's a quick peak into some of our dining adventures.

1. Cheesecake- Check!

2. Chinese Food, TWICE- Check!

3. Gallons of coffee with a side of Nutella Crepes- Check!

4. Red Velvet Pancakes- Check!

5. Sweet Corn Tamala Cakes- Check!

And of course there was Chicago Pizza, Chicago Hot Dogs, chicken salad,gyros, burritos, bagels and cream cheese, cookies, cake, pie, pop.

Oh dear.

I think I feel my pants getting tighter as we speak.

So now that we are home and not in the land of anything.goes.restaraunts, we can get back to healthy eating.

So the very next morning when we arrived home we headed over to the Farmer's Market.
Not only were we greeted by friends and familiar faces saying they missed us but the selection of produce that was now available since the 2 weeks we had been gone was AWESOME!

Here's a peek at the bounty we brought home.

The tomatoes are my favorite.
But the squash provided me with so much too.
And the bread! So delish!
Crunch carrots to snack on or if your my husband you might boil them and add them to oatmeal. It was surprisingly good.
And then there was these little cookie pie things. Made by a woman who was also selling chickens and goat's milk soap. I made the hubby go back for more of the cookie pie things. They had a cookie/pie like crust with blackberry filling. OH MY WORD!

If you are in any way squeamish towards anything bloody/gory/gross.
Just click away and we'll say goodbye for the day.
If not.....proceed.
Consider yourself warned. Ok?

The hubby brought home a rooster from the Farmer's Market.
At first he asked if he could. Knowing that I myself am a little uneasy with this sort of thing.
At first I said no.
Because we had just gotten home from being gone and the house was a mess and I didn't want to clean up chicken guts. I know that seems unrelated, but that's what my brain was saying at the time.
Long story short, he brought it home and within 30 minutes or so it was in the frying pan.
The flavor was unreal! I have never had fresh chicken like that before.
But I highly reccomend letting your hubby do the dirty work.
I think he had to do something outdoorsy/mountain man-ish after being in Chicago for 2 weeks.
That poor guy just couldn't wait to get home.

So back to the getting healthy.
I'm going to make better choices when it comes to food.
Fresh, local, organic.
Less processed and packaged.
We normally do this anyway.

Oh yea, and back to ZUMBA! :)

Happy Wednesday!


  1. you go, girl!
    we raise chickens...we have SIXTY coming in a few days....AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
    i love your plan, and your body will, too!
    you're gonna feel GREAT!
    fresh is BEST!
    love ya!

  2. you forgot Chipoltes..seriously though so glad you and my Charley boy are back in Salem,AR love ya lots

  3. your farmer's market finds look soooo good! and yes, even the rooster man! yum!! i love eating out and eating naughty, but honestly, i'd rather have the fresh veggies...i'd rather say, "oh look rachel, what's that!??!", point you in the wrong direction, run into your kitchen and out the backdoor with your zuccini, run to my house, saute them up with some evoo and eat them quick before you knew what hit cha ;)


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