Well Hello Summer!
Technically it starts tomorrow.

But the weather has been so smokin hot around here, it's hard to remember it's not technically summer yet.

Not to mention all the summer foods are available now.
Does anyone else out there love summer for the food?
I'm raising my hand.

I really wish I could say these beautiful tomatoes are from our garden. But sadly they aren't.
Our garden has had a hard time so far. It was doing really well and then it got so hot and even though we water regularly, the city water is just not the same as rain water and all it's nutrients.
So alas, I took a trip out to our Amish friend's produce stand and picked up a LOT.
I could eat one everyday and then some.
So good!
My plan is also to can some this summer.
Can you just imagine how delish fresh tomato sauce in the cold hard days of winter will taste?

And since I'm such a tomato lover, I whipped this little mixture up for lunch yesterday and it was fantastic!
Maybe my new go to dish.

So simple, yet so satisfying.

2 Tomatoes
1 Avocado
The juice of half a lime.
Salt and Pepper
And a dash of Mrs. Dash. (Actually an organic version, but you get the idea.)
Cut up fruit in like sizes.
Add seasonings and lime juice.
Dig in and enjoy!

You could of course double or triple this recipe or add things like fresh mozarella, bacon, lettuce, cucumber, pine nuts or whatever else fits your fancy.
And can we say Healthy?!

I've been using my cuppow EVERDAY! I love it that much!
And you will too.
What are you waiting for?

We picked a whole mess of plums from my hubby's grandma's house. She has all these amazing trees on her property. Apple, peach, plum, cherry.
Some of them she didn't even know she had.
My hubby's grandpa planted all the trees many years before he passed away and part of me thinks he did this so she would be well taken care of someday when he wasn't around anymore.
They live on a pice of property that I would consider a homestead.
In their younger years they had more animals like chickens and hogs and maybe a goat or two.
Today she gardens and has beautiful flower beds.
She also has a lovely pool that we jumped in after a hot day of plum picking.
What a grand way to spend a summer day huh?
And of course picking plums turns into making jam! Yahoo!
Jeter's jams is on the run!

For those of you girls that won the jars of jam.....I haven't forgotten about you!

The other day I came home from work and these glasses were on the table in the living room.
I walked past them and then back tracked and took a good look.
Do you know what my first thought was?
Harry Potter came to my house while I was at work and left his glasses here!??!
I seriously had no idea where they came from.

I asked the hubby later and he said he found them in a drawer!
Still don't know whose they are or where they came from!

Dear Harry Potter,
If you are reading this, I clearly have your glasses.
Although you may not be able to read this because I have your glasses.
Hopefully you have a spare pair or contacts.
If you want to meet up and get your glasses let me know.
Or you could come back and get them. I should be home after 5pm.
Your Fan

Ok then.
Now that I have flown my dork flag, we can proceed.
{ I know the hubby is shaking his head right now!Ha}

My bloggie friend Annie and I are doing the Soul Detox plan on YouVersion .
YouVersion is a free app you can download for iPhone.
You can do it online as well.
They have LOTS of different devotions/studies that you can choose from. And you can choose if you like reading it from the NIV, New King James, The Message etc.
It's "your version".

So I started this morning. Yesterday was supposed to be our starting day. Annie was on it. I....welllllll, didnt.
Sorry girl :(
But I took the time this morning before work and wrote down some notes in my journal.
I am praying and believing that God will work me out thru this devtoion.
My attitude and overall self could really use a detox. For real.
That last question,
"How have toxic thoughts affected your life?"
Not how I want to feel.
So often I think of the negative instead of focusing and being thankful of the good.
Help me see the light God.

And my last little tid bit for our Tuesday is this picture I found at my grandparent's house.
A litte Valentine from 1987.
It says God Loves Rachel.
Thank goodness He does :)


  1. i absolutely love all of this!
    why hasn't harry come and got his glasses yet???
    is HE hiding in a closet or something? ;)
    that lunch looks amazing! and i seriously NEED a cuppow...for reals.
    all of that delish food is making me hungry...
    i cannot wait to get my jam from you! woo!
    happy day girl! way to go on the #souldetox, too!
    love ya!

  2. yummy summer food. i love the berries and peaches the post--and the corn on the cob : ) yummm! tonight for supper i am planning on making pasta with basil and tomatoes from the garden and a little olive oil & moz. good and simple. you just reminded me that my gma & gpa had apple and pear trees and i loved that, we used to climb the trees and pick the stuff up to high for my grandpa : )
    thanks for stopping by for coffee today!

  3. Everything tastes better in the summer! We make that avocado and tomato dish too, but we add rice vinegar to it. I'll have to try it your way now too. Thanks

  4. The last picture is darling! I'm not a huge tomato lover, but the rest of the food, yum! Now I'm ever more hungry :) I love the cuppow, is it as wonderful as it seems? Have a great week and thanks for the coffee!

  5. You're a hoot! The Harry Potter note cracks me up! Who knows where those glasses came from! HA!

    Glad we're doing the soul detox together!!!

    Thankful for our new friendship!!!



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