Happy Tuesday


Hello Tuesday!

I know.
I've been falling behind on my blogging. The summer weekends have been getting the better of me and if I can help it, I don't open the computer ALL WEEKEND! Yahoo!

However, could somebody PLEASE turn the heat down!? The temperature is set on Hell around here and I don't appreciate it.
It's going to be like this ALL week. Boo!

Thank the Lord Jesus for his free gift of eternal life because THIS girl does NOT like it Hot. Ok?

Over the weekend we set up at the Farmer's Market and sold some jam.

And of course there was LOTS of other yummies there too.

And since it is summer, I'm eating up fruit like it's going out of style.
Well really, like it's going out of season.
And this is what a hint at what our (messy) fridge looks like.
Not pictures are the kiwis, cherries, and other melons.
It's like a fruit-a-palooza!
Early Sunday morning before it got WAY hot, and this guy took me blackberry picking.
We picked up breakfast at the little diner in town and headed to the farm where we ate it on the back of the truck.
Isn't this view lovely?
On both sides of this little path are wild growing blackberries.
Much sweeter and flavorful than the tame blackberry bushes.
And we looked stylish with our pants tucked into our socks and then tucked into our boots.
I wasn't interested in picking off ticks later.
You can take the city girl to the country, but you can't completely take the city out of the city girl.
Right next to our table at the Farmer's Market on Saturday was this lovely couple named Katie and Chester who we are friends with.
They serenaded us all morning with their sweet music!
{Please forgive the background music and talking- I'm new at this!}
How was your weekend?


  1. i love the music, peaceful and relaxing. i would love to go pick blackberries but never have, charlotte and i both love them. i think it is so cool that you are making and selling your jam, good for you! i bet the blackberry jam is so yummy! : ) it's supposed to be 100* here by thursday....yikes. have a great day, Rachel!

  2. Visiting from Virtual Coffee Link Up. The fruit looks great...makes me want some peaches and milk:)

  3. i just love you girl.
    i may have laughed out loud when you said the temperature was set on hell. :)

    it's supposed to get REALLY hot here this week, too! boo!

    your jam looks like THE JAM and i cannot wait to eat it!
    that view looks pretty awesome, and eating breaky on the tail gate? how fun!

    your speaking my language with all of that fruit! we need some more over here...my kiddos eat it up so fast!


  4. fruit-a-palooza is my FAVE! love this goodness.
    do you ship your jams at all?!
    i need to know! xo


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