I'm Baaaaaaack!


We made it back from The Chicago Suburbs last Friday.
It was quite the trip.
So much to be told.
So many tears shed.
Emotions everywhere.

I don't even know where to begin.
So I will just share a little here and there.

Our trip started Thursday night with packing.
With all trips, packing is a must.
And every trip I have ever taken has begun with a suit case that is bulging at the seams. I always take to much.
I worry about not having enough underwear, one never knows what could happen there.
I worry about not having the right shoes or enough choices.
I bring books and a lap top and barely had time for either.
My new motto:
Less is DEFINITELY enough!

I just made that up, so feel free to use it :)

While I was packing for both myself and the hubs, he made some cookies.
And because he loves me and shows me thru cooking/baking, he made me this.

I mean really, what says love like a heart shaped cookie?

We left out early Friday morning, one day earlier than expected.
My mom has been up in the Chicago area for 5 weeks helping my grandparents pack up there house, and get ready to move into the assisted living apartment.
And everything was going well.....until it wasn't.
My grandma who was the stronger of the two fractured her tail bone, ended up in the hospital for a week, then at the same rehab facility that my grandpa is at.
So back to my story, we left one day early to come and relieve my mom.

Here I think we're taking a nice pic and he's picking his nose.

My Charlie boy came too :)

We took a different route this time.
Very scenic and lovely.
And I thought of my girl Annie Loo when I passed this sign. :)
I really wanted to turn her direction, but alas, we continued North.

We picked up some pizza from Lou Malnati's on the way into town.
Man that is some GREAT pizza!

Dear Chicago style Pizza,
You will forever hold my taste buds with your buttery crust, cheesy goodness and savor sauce.
Thank you for being the bomb.com!
Love, Rachel

While we were there my grandparents celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary.
Can you even imagine that amount of time?

I love this picture. I found so many pics like this thru the house. Some in books to mark a page, some in drawers tucked away for later.

And then I found this one, which is how I remember my grandparents.

Vribant and Smiley.
And my grandma, always polished with a matching earring and necklace set.
And the geraniums in the background were a summer staple with them. Every year she bought them and kept them so Alive.

To see them both in a nursing home now is beyond hard.
Have any of you been thru this?
They are seriously like a second set of parents to me.

So before I start crying....again......let's move on :)

Several mornings we sat on their back porch drinking coffee and enjoying the scenery.

I remember when these trees were planted and now they are huge!
Making the backyard a nice and shaded oasis.
The new owners of this house have no idea how lucky they are to get this back yard.
Or how many family gatherings, gardening, swinging on the swingset or splashing in the blow up pool went on back here.
So many good memories :)

And of course since we were in a bigger city, we took advantage of the coffee situation.
And a few times we brought the GP'S coffee over to their rehab facitlity.

Because coffee makes everything better.
It really does.

In the midst of everything, I found this little magnet in of the drawers I cleaned out while at their house.
It definitely came home with me and needs a place on the fridge.

Happy Tuesday friends!
Sorry for my long absence.

For all the jam winners, I haven't forgotten you!
I will take care of that this week! :)
If you haven't sent me your address, please do!


  1. MISSED YOU!!!!!!!!!

    I wish you would have followed the sign!!!!!!!
    But I know. Duty Calls.

    Sorry there were some difficult times. Watching our elders struggle is so hard. Heck, watching anyone we love struggle is so hard. But you did the right thing by helping out and being there for them. I know they appreciate that!

    I'm glad you're home safe and sound!!!!!


  2. Oh Rachel! I bet that was so hard! I have never had to pack up aging grandparents/parents but I did lose both of my grandmas in my late 20's. I have several of their things in my home now and think of them often and miss them so much!
    That pic of your granparents is so precious...A treasure to be able to remember them that way!
    SO glad you are safe and back home!

  3. i'm so glad that you were able to go and that you are back at home safe and sound. ;)
    i totally missed you girl!

    i'm sorry that you had to do this. it is so hard to see our loved ones fade.
    it reminds me of the verses in the Bible that talk about our life being like a vapour...here for so short and then gone...we gotta make the most of it! :)
    also, 'to everything there is a season', and i'm so inspired by you, that you went and did the hard stuff, this season that isn't easy.
    love you girlie and i love all of your pictures!


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