New Year, New Me, New Blog….


Hello, Hello, Hello!

I am so very glad to be writing in this little space .
I hope you are also glad, for the New Year and all that it brings!
A fresh start is not something to squander. Whether it's big or small, I hope that you have set some newness into place.
Today I had the pleasure of a lunch date with 3 lovely ladies, actually 3 generations. 
I have had the pleasure of knowing them since 2008 and they are so very dear to me. No matter how much time passes, we can quickly catch up with laughter and lunch. 
During our lunch I was encouraged to pick up blogging again, so here I am. Thank you Kathy!

This place is so neglected and sad and I thought it needed a little refreshing.
If anyone else in the blogosphere is feeling that way too, I highly recommend you click your mouse on over to Etsy and stop in the the Designer Blogs Shop. I couldn't be happier with my new space. 
It kind of reminds me of the time I went with my grandma to the wallpaper store and got to pick out any design/pattern that I liked.
I picked out the most beautiful ( in my 5th grade girl opinion) design of purple flowers, paisley and stripes. It was practically magical.
Something about the New Year, brings out the need to redecorate or move around furniture, cut your own hair, try a new style, read more, switch out tea for coffee more often (I know, crazy!), and the list goes on.

So what's new in your neck of the woods?
Did you make any resolutions?

And furthermore, let's chat around a little about what you might like to see in this space?
Do you have any questions for me?

This year I will blog more. I really will.
I want to keep this page a place where you can be encouraged and light, but not be afraid to get deep when I need to. And of course I will share recipes and books that I'm reading and definitely post too many pictures of my dogs. Ha!

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  1. I love it Rachel, it looks great! I feel like I just want to re-do everything in January!! Everything! I really wish I could keep the momentum going on past January though, that's always my problem! We are painting the lving room tomorrow, that has been a long put-off project so I am really excited about it! Have a great weekend.


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