30 Day Challenge


As part of my New Year, new and improved me effort (don't laugh!), I'm taking the 30 Day challenege with K-LOVE.

They are encouraging their listeners to tune in to Christian music for 30 days. Only Christian music. I don't know about you, but my tastes in music vary greatly. I like a lot of music and am a big fan of Pandora and now my new love Spotify. There are so many outlets for music nowdays.

But one thing I do know, music greatly influences your mood. You might think that your moods influences what music you listen to. But I think that if you are a Christ following believer, that you can REALLY benefit from listening to Christian music. It will speak to you and find a way to relate to your situation, whatever it may be.

Will you join me?

The longer we walk with Jesus, and the more we seek His truth, the more we'll recognize His voice and enjoy the freedom found in Him. It is our freedom that Christ has set us free. Galations 5:1

Have a great day!


  1. I like this idea. I mostly listen to country music and most of the songs put me in a good mood but I know after attending service on Sunday morning I am in a much better mood. The church has a group of young adults who sing Christian Rock / Contemporary Christian music at the beginning of every service and it really gets me up out of my seat and enjoying the beat!

  2. Totally agree Sara! Nothing like some good music to uplift your spirits!


I love hearing from you! :)

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