WIWW- Pinterest Edition


Hey! Happy Wednesday!
Long time no blog?!

It's life. Been busy, I guess....

Anywho, I'm linking up with Lindsey of the The Pleated Poppy. She started WIWW- What I Wear Wednesday- to encourage herself to get out of her yoga pants and comfy clothes and dress up a little. She homeschools her kiddies and works from home, so not much motivation to actually "get dresses". I think we can all relate to that right? If you didn't have to get up and go out of the house for work, everyday would feel like a weekend? Sounds fabulous to me!
I myself have become very lack luster when it comes to fashion these days. I'm no longer interested in name brands per say, more quality over quantity. Something of an idea that took me a loooooong time to get there.

So I decided to go at is pinterest style for my link up.
Here we go....
I think this look would be great for a weekend. I love the vest, converse, striped scarf and huge red bag. Pretty much I love all of it!

The grey ruffley blouse under the cardi is super adorable! I'm a big fan of the layered look.
And I'm kind of loving the westernish look. The cowgirl affect? Maybe? Kind of simple, laid back.

And this hat jsut screams WEAR ME! Especially on a cold day when you need a pop of color and a little sass.

And here is yet another cheerful ruffley blouse that makes me think of a church outfit, or even a date night outfit. :) Oooolalla.

And then , there's this hair cut! I really love it! Maybe something soon:)

How do you stay comfy and stylish?

Have a great day!

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