The 400-ish Calorie Salad


There is a girl named Andie who writes a blog called Can You Stay For Dinner? She has an INCREDIBLE story of losing 135 pounds and keeping it off.
She is real.
She is honest.
And she did this on her own accord, with common sense, excercise and hard work.
I heart her.

People write in and ask her questions about her success and she offers up all sorts of advice and tips and AWESOMELY DELICIOUS recipes.

I am a partial fan of salads, but this post makes me want to love them. And since we are back to getting healthy- it IS the New Year after all- I'm diving head first, into the salad bowl.

Check out her post below.

How To Make A Delicious 400 Calorie Salad

So here's to salads!

Love, The Faithful ( Healthier ?) City Mouse

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