Something Like Spring Fever


The seeds catalogs have started rolling in at the Jeter Ponderosa. It's got me dreaming of flowers and veggies galore. I look out to our 5 raised bedded garden and think- "should we have more"? We've already got plans to plow up the back part of our yard for corn, melons and pumpkins. And talk of chickens in early spring. I can already taste the quiche's made by the fresh eggs.

And then I remember the last summer and how blooming hot it was. Stepping outside was like stepping into an oven, making me feel like a slow cooked roast, minus the potatoes and carrots.
It's easy to get carried away in the cold of winter when the colorful seed catalogs are full of promise and delicious dishes.
And we're even entertaining the thought of selling our bounty on the square come summer........which honestly excites me, where as a few years ago would have been nothing more than a laugh.

I've been reading The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball. It's so real and, well dirty. And I'm not sure if you can relate, but the thought of getting my hands in the mud or getting dirty, isn't something I look forward to. Maybe that's the "City Mouse" in me. Her book is something you should consider picking up. I'm kind of envious of their care free approach and how they were able to drop their jobs and start living off the land. Does that appeal to anyone else reading?

Our favorite seed catalog comes from Bakers Creek. They offer all Heirloom Seeds that have been saved for generations. And all are non -GMO. Which in our book is very important.

I hope your weekend is lovely!

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