When In Doubt......


When in doubt......THROW IT OUT, or donate, pass on,etc.

That is what I want my motto to be for 2012. The clutter, the junk, THE STUFF- it just needs to go. We have things everywhere at our house. Christmas gifts I don't know where to put, clothes that are in between yet I can't get rid of ( I will LOSE the weight and need smaller clothes) and mail that gets looked at then tossed aside to be dealt with later ( this is a horrible habit, I know).

This needs to be the year of organization and priorities all around. Does anyone not struggle with this?

I have found a few links/blogs for help on this.

This is a great daily page of what needs to get done from Lifes A Journal.

This woman from The Simple Mom is AWESOME! She has a plethora or organization tools and tips. I would like to visit her house and see it all in action!
Then there's this Blog, Organizing Made Fun. About having a clean house in 15-20 minutes a day. The picture makes me laugh because I don't think I will look that happy whilst cleaning.
I mostly want to declutter because when you have too much of anything it consumes you. And starting fresh this year is what it's all about for me and my home. I want to implore habits that will last a lifetime for my house and my family. Not clutter and junk. Better habits=happier life. And that will make God happy too.

Have a great day!

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