Very Pinteresting......


I don't really have any original musings for you today. In fact the steam has left this engine if you know what I mean.
But the other night I had the chance to go see a family that is VERY dear to me. Like I love them so much it hurts! We live about 45 minutes away and I don't see them very much, but when I do see them, it fills my love tank to the brim! And I feel so blessed to know them. I would claim them any day :)

So before I start crying, because I'm an emotional wimp like that :), I'm going to share some things I have found on Pinterest that are really not related. Like not at all.

Here we go:

I need this for my kitchen. Somewhere that is obvious and will help me to remember that we NEVER go hungry at our house.
In fact we waste food or let leftovers go for too long or toss something out because it looks "weird".
To think that people go hungry everyday around the world is a humbling reminder of how very fortunate we are.
And hopefully this will help me feel not so violent and angry while doing dishes that I let stack up.
Don't judge ok?

Moving right along, I think I need a canoe now too.
Not for canoeing and not to be confused with canoodling. Very different.
I think.

Would this not be fan-freakingtastic in the backyard? For herbs or just flowers or whatever?
I now see that my above reference to canoeing and canoodling was done in haste because this is CLEARLY not a canoe.

When I see things like this on Pinterest- I think "Why don't I have good ideas like that?"
I mean really, is that not a great idea? Upside down ballons and streamers!

I hope this doesn't make you like me less, but I have a confession.
I am NOT a cat person. At all.
I used to have 2 cats.
It ended badly. And while I still think about them, I don't ever want to own a cat again.
They creep me out.
But this picture. THIS picture, made me laugh out loud like a big doofus!

Are you ready?

See what I mean?
I'm still laughing.
Don't wory, I don't think any cats were harmed in this picture. At least I sure hope not.

And last but not least, I saw this.
And it was just what I needed.

Today we finish up our week, pack up our suitcases and our dog who gets carsick ( don't worry, we have drugs for him now), and we are heading up to Chicago bright and early Saturday.
I may have time for blogging and  I may get buried alive in the basement going thru things that need to get packed up, or drown myself in Starbucks. I meant that last part in a GOOD WAY. Really. :)
Happy Friday! :)


  1. You crack me up! Have a safe trip and I am soooo with you on the cat thing :)

  2. hey you, cat haters!
    i love our little kitty witty! :) hahahaha!
    just kidding.
    i have a love hate relationship with my cat. :)
    so girl, you know i'll be praying for you guys and i couldn't agree more that the ending of this is very sure...God has it!
    also, i am a cryer, too.
    there's NO use even hiding it anymore.
    i'm so emotional{in a good way, i think}!?!
    thanks for the giggles this am and you better keep me updated!
    do you text? cause i'm a big texter! :)

  3. Love the flowers!

    I'm hosting a blender giveaway... would love to have you enter :-)


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