Do you remember several posts ago when I mentioned how badly I wanted to go camping???
Well we finally went!!!!!!!


Except it was 100*!!!!!

But we made the best of it and spent lots of time in the water.
{ I thought I would spare you all the bathing suit pics.}
{ Oh wait, there are NONE! }

The cute lab in the pic is our friend's dog Lucy :)
She was a good camping companion.

Friends making breakfast.

Our humble home in the woods.

No we didn't eat corn for breakfast.
Although I would have made an exception for this corn.
It was DELISH!
The hubby said he will never again waste tin foil when grilling corn. Straight in the husk is perfect.
And it was!:)

The night before camping we went to the Drive In.
I was the only one out of our group that had ever been to one!
I was in shock!
Pure disbelief!

Have you ever been to a Drive In Movie?

We packed a cooler with snacks, drinks and chicken salad sandwiches and headed to the drive in which was an hour away.

We settled in with our popcorn, { I CANNOT watch a movie at the theater, withOUT popcorn- it's just not right!} and as soon as it was dark the movie began.
There was minimal distraction from other viewers and the bugs weren't too bad either.
I'm checking things off my summer list left and right.

And now I'm off to bake some cookies and get ready for my family from Florida coming for a visit and a GREAT weekend!
What are you up to?


  1. hey hey! those cookies look like the bomb!
    just saw them on facebook.
    i am taking a break from painting because i ran out! haha! are pretty darn inspiring with the whole tent camping in 100 degree weather...i would do that when, ummmm....PIGS FLY!!!
    truly, i am a partay pooper and such a sissy when it comes to the good 'ol camping idea.
    the fact that nathan would be ccoking might make it a little sweeter, though. :)

  2. I love the drive-in. The only problem is I usually fall asleep because I am so comfy in the car, lol!

  3. You are so funny! Swim suits pics,yeah I'd rather die.
    A good friend once told me that when camping, the only thing separates you from death is a zipper. Kind of dramatic, but why is it that we will sleep in a tent vulnerable to the world around us but at home we dead bolt the doors and protect ourselves with guns(speaking for myself only here) Ha! I guess she kinda has a point. :)
    Still, we are looking forward to taking our girlies camping soon!
    Oh, been to the drive in but not since I was a kid. Not any around here anymore :(
    Have a great weekend! xo


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