This is a picture of a girl who got a job this week!!!

And not just any job, but at a place where I really want to work and with people who have like minded morals and values.

That means a LOT to me.

I'm excited for the journey God has in store for me and my family.
Thankful for his timely provisions and his never ending love and faithfulness.
He is SO good to us, time and time again.

And furthermore, I need to mention my amazing hubby. He has stood by me and helped me figure out what I want to do "when I grow up".
He works so hard for our family and I don't know if he can ever really absorb how thankful I am for that.
He works a full time job on the road during the week and takes on extra jobs over the weekend doing heating and cooling work.
He comes home tired and sweaty and I don't always have the best attitude because I've missed him for being gone all day.
90% of the time I have a meal ready for him and a mostly clean house. I try and show him love in different ways.
Do you ladies realize how loudly your love speaks thru a clean house and a home cooked meal for your husbands? 
It took me awhile, but I've got it now :)
And in my case, a freshly baked pumpkin pie really does the job :)

I have a couple more weeks to enjoy being at home and I'm going to savor it!

Some things I will be doing this week are:

*Reading and coffee are definitely on the agenda, 2 of my favorite things.

*Snuggling with my little Charlie.

*Making more salsa, also some marinara sauce, and canning peaches.

* I am going to master the art of a homemade pie crust.
{ Have you read the ingredients on a store bought pie crust??? Eeew!}

I'm linking up with the girls at Beautifully Rooted today for the Found Link up.


  1. awwww! I love this. :)
    And I am rejoicing with you over your new job and God's amazing blessings and provision!
    Have a wonderful two weeks of relaxing....wish I could come over and you could teach me your awesome cooking skills.

    and amen! for awesome hubbies!!!

  2. Congrats on your new job! Where will you be working, if I may ask?
    I hope you enjoy the time you have at home in the next two weeks. I also would love to master the art of the pie crust ;)
    I need to be better about keeping the house clean for the hubs...when these kiddos go back to school it will surely be easier! Ha!
    Have a great day!

  3. Hooray for a new job!!!! yayayay!!!!!

    God bless Teddy! And God bless you! He's lucky to have you!!!!!!

    Enjoy your time off!!!!!


  4. Praise the Lord for your new job!! He is so good!


I love hearing from you! :)

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