Good Morning Monday!

While I'm waiting for some coffee to brew, I thought I would check in.:)
How is everyone today?

Did you have a busy/restful/awesome/go anywhere weekend?

We had some family in town from Florida and we just......hung out, bbq'd, ate out, sat around, played games, read books. 
It was great!
Just what our busy lives needed.

Did I tell you that I no longer have a job?

Did I tell you that it's actually an answer to prayer?
It is....

Did I tell you that for now the hubby is going to let me be Susie homemaker?:)

That doesn't mean I will be sitting on my tush eating bon bons. {Whatever that is!}

But it does mean that I will be able to build up my very empty Etsy shop, and make more jam and clean/organize the house and maybe even find a little online job/work from home scenario.

Know any jobs like that?

Do you remember several posts back when I mentioned that I felt a  BIG CHANGE going on?
I think this is it.
And it feels so........RIGHT.

I've been spending a lot of time doing my daily devotions lately and seeking guidance from Him.

Of course sometimes I miss a day {or two} and have to catch up, but I'm learning so much. And leaning on God to guide us thru this hectic/hairy/crazy/complicated life.

It's helping me be nicer, and pray better and think about things differently.
I don't want to be consumed by this world and all it's junk.
I don't want to care about my outfit or a new car or if other people think I'm good enough.
I just want to stand up and live the life God has set out in front of me. 
Not wanting to miss a beat.
I don't want to have room for negative/toxic thoughts, but only thoughts of lifting up and helping others.
Doing God's work.

There is a group of gals on instagram who are doing regular devotions together.
The latest one I'm following is called "The Surrendered Life".

And over the weekend, one of the readings was centered on the word "Renew".
The writer goes on to tell the reader that when we renew our minds by diving into God's word and submerging our very being we fill our minds with the truth of God and we will be changed from the inside out.

I nearly get goose bumps just typing that.

Towards the end there are "Action Steps" and she asks :
" How much time do you spend reading God's word everyday? What other godly influences do you use to help you keep in step with the Spirit? ex. worship music, podcasts, Christian tv shows? Take inventory of how much time you spend listening to the things/people of the world. When you spend more time reading God's word you will be amazed at how you will change from the inside out."

There she goes with the " inside out thing " again.

I don't know about you- but I really WANT to be changed from the inside out.
The sooner the better.

That can happen by reading God's word. Praying without ceasing- about everything. Taking care of what goes into my body, exercise, being around other Godly people who truly want to live for Him.
Am I spending more time watching Netflix than I do with God?
How about Facebook? Texting? Reading books that are trash? Listening to music that doesn't gratify Him? 

This is really more for myself, a reminder of what's important to me.

How do you stay accountable?
What does a day walking like Jesus look like for you?
Do you struggle too?


  1. I had no idea you aren't working (outside of the home) anymore!!!! Well...I think this is what you want! I remember some emails about it...so GOOD FOR YOU GIRL! I can't wait to see what God has in store for you!!!!! Get busy on the jam! It is SOOOOO GOOD!!!! WE LOVE OURS!!!! Can't wait to see all the good things you are going to do! Glad you're still doing your devo! I am tooo! and LOVE IT!

    love you!

  2. this is so so so good.
    you are so right about the amount of time we spend in the world, instead of in the WORD.
    i am SO guilty!

    i am also really excited about the new changes in your life!
    God for sure has a plan and i'm excited to go along the journey along side you. :)
    press forward sister!
    no negative thoughts...all good!
    we belong to the KING OF KINGS!
    how awesome is that?

    fyi...Shaklee is an amazing company to work for.
    we do it just to make enough money for our cleaners, personal care, protein and vitamins, but the opportunities are ENDLESS.

  3. I struggle a lot. Mostly with my weight and staying away from things that don't glorify God. I hate it and I find it so hard to break free! Every day I wake up I think--what am I waiting for?! But, then sadly fall into the days routines/problems/chores and do not make the changes necessary to live this life the way I truly should be living it! Thank you for sharing your heart Rachel. I pray that you are sucessful in whatever you intend to do with your time now that you do not work outside the home. Its going to be great! xo


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