Virtual Coffee Tuesday


Good Morning!

Are you ready for coffee?

So today if we were really meeting for coffee, I would have you over to my house!
{ Excuse the mess ok?}

We ran out of milk yesterday so we're drinking our coffee black today with a little sugar.

I made some peanut butter type balls yesterday and girls- these are YUMMY!
There is a recipe floating around out there called " No Bake Energy Bites" you can find that recipe here.
They are so easy and versatile.
For mine I used some organic crunchy peanut butter and I added in some chopped dates.
We had all the ingredients in our pantry already, which made it super easy!
I think they would be really great to bring along a car trip,  picnic, pack for everyday lunch or even a quick on-the-go breakfast.
Try these and let me know what you think?


This past week and weekend my brother and his family were in town, so there was lots of hanging out and just being together at my parents.
Good times.

And of course we had to pose in fron of the fireplace with all my dad's horshoe trophies.
He's a total star when it comes to throwing some shoes.
He's even been to some world tournaments and placed well in his class.
{ This pic is kind of fuzzy and I have no idea what Charlie is doing....}

I made a batch of stuffed peppers and cabbage on Sunday. The peppers and cabbage and onions were from our garden.
LOVE that!

I also did a little fluffing around the Jeter nest yesterday. Nothing major, just rearranging and actualy dusting.
Crazy, I know :)

Do you decorate with deer horns/antlers too?
Well let me tell you something......If you would have asked this city girl to decorate with deer paraphenalia a few years ago, you would have gotten a BIG laugh for your answer.
Now I'm happy to show off my hubby's accomplishments.
And it definitely adds a little, how shall we say it? Oh, Rustic feel. Yeah.

We have a problem in our house.
Too many books!
They are everywhere!
So I'm trying to incorporate some of them into the decorating.

I saw this somewhere on Facebook yesterday.
And I thought this saying was just perfect.
So often I get stuck in the moment of thinking that something is too big or too much to handle or that I will never be able to accomplish that.
Well now I'm going to try and just take the first step.
And then the next and the next and so forth.

So what are you up to on this fine Tuesday?
Anything exciting?
And by exciting, I also mean just a low key day too- I like those :)

I'm linking up with Amy today over at Lucky Number 13.



  1. Those oatmeal balls looks pretty tasty!!!! I might have to try those! YUMMY!!!!

    Enjoy your Tuesday!


  2. i am going tot ry those peanut butter ball things, i think even my picky kids would like those : ) you know i love seeing picture sof your dog, what a sweetie. but dusting...hmm..trying to remember what that is! : ) i really need to do that..and laundry. must get laundry done tomorrow.
    thanks for coffee, Rachel!

  3. Horseshoe trophies????? I have learned something new today. I did not know that a competition in such a sport exists, blame it on my european background ;) no really i think it's awesome to have something that you are totally into, even horseshoe throwing. cool. I have learned today that you must be friends with kara! We got paired for the thrifty exchange and I am so excited to get to know her a bit. Did you sign up as well???? Enjoy those peanut butter balls, they would not last a day in my house


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