Ain't No Thing Like A Chicken Wing


Long time no blog post huh?
We have been running around, busy, busy, BUSY.
My hubby's grandparents {they love us so much they decided to adopt us} sold their farm and moved to another town {closer to us!yay!} and so we've been helping them.

Oh, and now we have chickens:

I have never in my life had chickens or really even been around chickens, unless it was fried and on my plate next to some sweet tea. {Sorry girls.}
And truth be told, I'm a little freaked out around birds.
And did you know that when you try and pick up chickens that don't know you- THEY FREAK OUT!?!?
Wings flapping, squawking and feather flying. 
Luckily Farmer Ted { my hubby} is experienced around these fine feathered gals and he worked them like a pro and calmly got them into their cages for the ride home.
And then he asked me to hold one of them.
And I stood paralyzed with it in my arms. Not wanting to squeeze too hard, but knowing that I needed to keep her secure.
This is going to be some adventure.

So far the hubby has named 3 of the 10 chickens.
Claudine, Princess and Domenica.
Interesting choices hubs.
I think I'll take the naming from here.

More posts and pictures to come:)
Happy Thursday!


  1. hahaha!!!
    chickens are diirrrrrty!
    we've raised them for meat for years and i am SO over them!
    if you only have a few, that's a different story!
    but 60??? no thanks!
    {especially since i sold them all cuz we don't eat them anymore! ay yiyi!)
    where did you get them from you country girl you! :)

  2. One of those chickens better be Annie Loo. That's all I'm sayin! ;)

  3. uh i'm only a little jealous of your chickens! seriously i want chickens SO BAD! they are so cute... i'd be the same way though. i've very little experience with them. the flapping would freak me out.


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