Fall Festival & Farmer's Market


This past Saturday we got up at the crack of the chilliest dawn this season and bundled up for the Farmer's Market on the square in our town.

I always forget to take a lot of pics, because I'm in the moment and I don't want everything to be a "BLOG" picture. You know?

Have you seen the sandwich board/chalk board the hubby made for me?
I'm in LOVE with it:)

We made over 10 batches of Strawberry Jam this season, and we have ONE JAR LEFT!
I wish I could say that we sold all those, but giving away jam is such a blessing too:)
We also had some blackberry jam and I'm hoping soon to have some apple butter and pumpkin butter.
Have you ever had pumpkin or apple butter on a hot homemade biscuit? Lord have mercy! So good!

I was also selling my giant chocolate chip cookies and we sold a few of my talented friend's hats that she crochet's herself.
She taught herself how to do it from You Tube videos!!!!!!

Not sure what I was trying to capture here.
His backwards name tag that nobody could see?
The bushiness of his beard? Hello Duck Commander!
Or maybe the plaid of his flannel?
Either way, he was my sidekick for the day!

An Amish couple parked next to us, just pulled their horse and buggy right up to us.
And once situated, they bring their horse behind the library and let him munch on the grass.
I'm completely fascinated with the Amish culture and their way of life.
Quite often the hubby says he wants to run away and live with the Amish. I really don't think I could cut it quite frankly, but we have developed a little friendship with some of them thru the Farmer's Market and living in the same community and we are so thankful for that!
This particular Amish couple has a log cabin that they built themselves. He does harness repair for horses and she does quilting.

Their daughters run a little home based bakery and were kind enough to invite me over and helped me learn how to bake bread! 
That could be a blog post in itself!

So I think we're pretty much caught up now.
I'll do my best to blog a little more frequently ok? :)
Have a great day!


  1. This looks wonderful! I love that Teddy is right there with you, your side kick! What a supportive man! And yes, a little bit Duck Commander! TOMORROW NIGHT! CAN"T WAIT!!!!

    And the Amish. I could TOTALLY go live with them. I'm OBSESSED! They are so innovative and resourceful...and HEALHTY! I love it. I can't wait to hear about your bread experience!!!!!

    Good to hear from you girlie!


  2. Oh my goodness. There is so much about this post that I LOVE!!!!

    1. I love the Amish...I grew up with them just a few miles from my house. We had an Amish guy come put in windows at my parent's house. They are totally cool!!
    2. Blackberry jam!! How do I get some of that? Lol...that's my absolute favorite! :]
    3. I LOVE your labels for your jam! Totally awesome!!
    4. I have never had apple butter or pumpkin butter...but I may have to try some sometime.

    I love reading your posts!! They make me happy!

  3. heyyyyy! how did i miss this!?
    we are settled right in the middle of amish country, and we have several ex-amish that have gotten saved and come to our church!
    so exciting!!!
    i'm so VERY happy for you and your hubby...that you get to spend time together and i totally admire your love for each other and that you just LOVE being together!
    you are a rare treasure dear friend, lets hang out soon. when are you coming to chi town again?
    your attitude is always so encouraging. :)


I love hearing from you! :)

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