Happy Friday to you!
Yesterday the hubby and I had a chance to sneak in a little Date Night! Woohoo!

We are trying to make our marriage a priority over everything else and really implementing things we learned on a marriage retreat weekend back in September called Romance Uncensored.
If you would like to read those posts again or for the first time, you can find them HERE , HERE and HERE  . 
We had such a good time just being together.

We ate at Long Horn Steak House. 
Now the hubby can grill us a mean steak, but we do like to eat out at places where they at least offer things we wouldn't usually make at home.
And shrimp doesn't usually make the grocery list at home because something about frozen shrimp from China, really doesn't set well with me.
However that beauty you see on the left side of the plate?
Let me introduce you to Steakhouse Mac-N-Cheese.
This ooey, gooey, smoked bacon, chives and cheesy goodness should be ILLEGAL ya'll!
I mean it was DELICIOUS!
And because we stuffed our pretty faces with spinach dip before our meal even came, I took some home for leftovers and enjoyed them at lunch today. 
Don't worry honey, I saved some for you too:)

Then we took a quick trip to Target, which is actually a HUGE treat because we don't live near one and I browsed the $1 isle for goodies I have seen you girls snag on IG. Yeah, they weren't in this $1 section. But it's all good. I still made it out with some cute things.

And then we came home to our little snickle fritz who has captured our hearts big time.

Snuggled up in hubby's recliner like he owns the place.

Thankful for unexpected date nights, enjoying this time with my hubby and ever so thankful for a God who loves us, no matter what.

Happy Friday and hoping you have a great weekend!


  1. what about shrimp raised in sewage doesn't appeal to you? ;)

    i'm TOTALLY jealous of your date!
    last night nathan and i giggled as he laid in bed in a near comatose state from working on his parents roof all day and i ate chocolate and natural cheetos...so yah...i NEED a date night. :)
    love you! still hoping for november! hubs said it was OKAY!!!!!!!!

  2. Glad y'all had a fun date night! Yay for eating out! AND WE LOVE LONGHORN!!!! mmmmm!!!!

    That little doggie. He's so cute!!!!

  3. You guys are so cute!! :) I love that you're putting what you learned it to practice. And I love your little doggie too!! Adorable!

  4. you almost make me want another dog. almost.
    glad you had a fun night together, date nights are so important and a constant challenge to remember to make them a priority.
    good for you guys!


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