Happy Wednesday



Just wanted to stop in and see how your day is going?

For some reason unbeknownst to me, I woke up at 3:30am and could NOT go back to sleep. So annoying! I tossed and turned and then decided to start re-reading the first book in the Laura Ingalls Wilder series, Little House In The Great Big Woods .
Then I had to pick up the Amish sisters at the crack of dawn and take them to the Farmer's Market.
This was after drinking a REALLY large mug of coffee of course. :)

So I've decided that tonight we're having chicken pot pie. It just seems like the right day to make this savory dish from scratch. I got the inspiration from Megan over at Contented Sparrow . I seriously love her:)

I borrowed this pic from her recipe when she made turkey pot pie after Thanksgiving.
If you have never checked out her blog, GO.
She was even kind enough to do a guest blog for me back in June.

Did I mention that over the weekend I went to a Pinterest Craft Party at my church?
We made grapevine wreaths!

This is mine.
We talked and laughed and ate a yummy dessert, and we got our Craft On!:)
Our campus pastor's wife made the bow for me. She's super talented and really crafty. She has an eye for beautiful!:)

My friend Christina from church shared these images on her Instagram. So fun!:)

And speaking of church- do you attend a church regularly?
For a time, we didn't.
It was while my hubby was working during the week and was gone a lot.
So the weekends were all we had. We told ourselves that it was ok to just watch the live feed on Sunday's from the computer. And while I do believe that was better than not going at all, God's joy is to ultimately see you serving and being involved in a church. No excuses.
We are His eye's, and ears and feet and hands here on this earth. When we accepted Him into our lives, He now lives in us. And if we're sitting at home not going to church and being filled with His word and being supported and encouraged by other Christ followers- then how can other's see His love thru us?
Just something to ponder.

I saw this on Facebook somewhere and it really spoke to me. 
I get so caught up in fluff and stuff, with things that are NOT really important at all.
We watched 2 complete seasons of NCIS in no time at all, yet ask me if I can remember all the scripture I read during that time?
I think you know the answer.
I'm definitely working on this. 
How are you at managing your time with God everyday?

And on a completely unrelated side note, I got a new pair of slippers:)
Yay for warm cozy tootsies!

And one more pic of the my lovely view out of our home office window.
Did you know that the leaves are more brilliant on cloudy or overcast days?
Today is one of those days here in Arkansas. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs {ha! not really!}
The deep reds and burnt oranges and bright yellows are bursting with color!
God's splendor is truly amazing!
Have a great day!


  1. Your wreath looks great!!!!

    And that chicken pot pie...I'll be right over! mmmmmm!!!!!!! Need me some veggies!!!!!!

  2. Your view is beautiful! We have a teeny tiny yard so my view isn't as pretty :) You have such a sweet blog, love reading your posts. Glad I found ya!


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