So as I write this post to you, it's actually Friday afternoon.
And I'm waiting for a delicious chocolate chip almond cookie pie to come out of the oven, candles are burning all over the house and I'm listening to Christmas music.
And looking at last minute Halloween costumes on Pinterest and also thinking about Thanksgiving recipes.
Talk about Holiday Spirit!?!?
So speaking of Pinterest, here is a costume that I LOVE!
Isn't that great?!
Simple and Free!
Why don't I come up with ideas like this?!
And then I saw this scarf on Pinterest :
I'm loving the colors going on in this picture.
I think I'm going to find some similar fabric and attempt an infinity scarf.
How hard could it be?
(Also, she has great hair!)
Did I tell you that we rented October Baby last weekend?
It was good!
Like laugh so hard good.
And cry good.
It's about healing, and choosing life and LOVE.
Rent it and let me know what you think ok?
Happy Saturday!

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  1. I totally just blogged about October Baby!! It's SOOOO good!! :) I've been telling everyone they need to watch it!


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