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This last weekend we went to an auction at my hubby's grandparent's place. I think I told you this right?

It was my first auction and I fell in love FAST.
The energy and excitement of the bidding was electric!
Also dangerous! :)
I came home with 10 boxes of fabric, some woven cane chairs and a pie safe.

Gobs and gobs of vintage fabric. 
So many possibilities!

And I ordered a few things from my friend Lisa online.
She had the most adorable hoop art.
And I knew it would look great in my kitchen next to my pie safe.

She also included a few other items and the packaging was SO cute!
Thank you again Lisa! If you are on IG you should follow her @lisakaiser .

I also found a few magazines to bring home recently.
Magazines are one of my weaknesses. I really need to say no, but often they end up in my shopping cart.

Grit was totally necessary now that we are a family with chickens.
And speaking of the girls.
They are doing GREAT!
We are finishing up a few little touches here and there on the chicken coop and they have even laid a few eggs which we scrambled this morning for breakfast:)

Hope you are having a GREAT weekend! :)

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  1. I want chickens sooooo bad! We hatched some for a 4H project last year but we have no room for a coop. Lord willing one of these days! :) Enjoy those eggs!


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