Coffee Talk


So many moons ago I used to have a standing Tuesday coffee date with the lovely Amy from Lucky Number 13 .
She took a little break and now she's back!:)
And I'm so glad she is!

I had my coffee earlier this morning, in my favorite mug, with cream and sugar. Nothing out of the normal, but now I've switched to Egg Nog and Ice Water. All in Mason Jars:)
We love mason jars around here:)
And let's talk about Egg Nog?
Are you a fan?
Let me just say this, I like it in small quantities.
When I brought it home from the store and aske the hubby if he wanted some he started making a lot of gagging and barf noises.
So this week starts a really busy and full schedule for us.
I'm definitely excited about all the things, but not really ready.
Ready to hear it?
Tonight we have community group which is a small group from our church.
It's our first night attending and I'm really excited to dive in and get to know these people.
Tomorrow night is First Wednesday, where everyone meets at the church has dinner together and then we have a word from our pastor.
Laid back, good food, good times, good people.
It's all GOOD!:)
Then Thursday we are meeting up with our Pastor for lunch, then heading to Branson!!
We are joining our friends there to go to Silver Dollar City and have a great time!!
I have never been to Silver Dollar City, and it's kind of BIG around these parts.
Think like a small scale Disney World [ ok really small scale], with rides and shows and food and they have their Christmas lights up and the parades in the evening.
And it's Christian based. Boom!
We'll be with them until Saturday, then Monday morning bright and VERY early we leave for Illinois to go visit my grandparents.
That's a lot of stuff!:)
So enough abot all that- how are you?
Anything new?
Are the leaves still pretty near you?
This scene was so much prettier in real life. My phone pics don't usually capture the true beauty.
And since we are having coffee/egg nog/ice water with Amy today,
it's very appropriate that I share with you a little something I got from her shop last week.
You should go check out her SHOP.
She adds cute handmade/vintage/upcycled items every week! :)
And since we're talking about #happymail,
I also got something really cute from Megan over at Contented Sparrow .
It's a vintage needle craft from 1976!
It will be my first!
I can't wait to cozy up with a quilt on a cold night, maybe some hot chocolate and get to work on this:)
Happy Tuesday!
Thanks for coffee Amy!


  1. How fun is mail?!?!!?! Nothing beats mail! Seriously! I'm going right now to Etsy to buy me a new address book and I MUST get better at sending mail! MUST!

    Hope y'all have a fun week! Sounds like a lot of fun to me!!!!

    I have Christmas Village! WHEW! Can't wait!!!!

  2. remind me where in illinois your grandparents are?
    i know i asked that before.
    we went to silver dollar city as kids but we have never taken our kids. hmmm...maybe some day soon.
    ummm...egg nog? no. i am with the husband and i might even be doing
    the gagging noises with him : )
    but honestly i have not tried it for a REALLY long time.
    sounds like you guys have a lot of fun stuff going on this week!!

    have a good one, Rachel!!


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