Turkey Coma


Anybody else out there feeling the after shocks from yesterday's feast?
It was such a delicious day for us!
But first I'm going to back up and fill you in on my birthday :)
The hubby made me my Annual Red Velvet Birthday Cake- FROM SCRATCH!
I was so stunned when I saw it! He never ceases to amaze me with his art skillz!
That was all FREE HAND!
I almost didn't want to dig in and ruin the cuteness. But alas, a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do. :)
And when I dug in, I found out it was NOT Red Velvet.
It was rainbow tye dye velvet cake!
He really outdid himself here.
This cake was seriously such a gift to me. He wakes up super early to get started and spends hours on it! I know he puts a LOT of love into making it special for me.
You are the cream in my coffee honey bun!
I love you!
Ps. Do you guys have a "Special Plate" at your house?
This was big in my house growing up. Birthday's, graduations, promotions etc.
It's definitely a tradition we want to pass on thru the generations.
So basically my day was nice and relaxing. Which if you know me in real life, is exactly how I love it.
Candles lit, Christmas music going, yummy food, magazine reading, Food Network watching.
And we were at my parents house along with my sister from Colorado and it was so nice to be with family.
For those of you who prayed for my dad, thank you so much! His surgery went well and he is recovery nicely. With very little pain- that is a miracle in itself as shoulder surgery can be quite uncomfortable.
My birthday dinner was an early Thanksgiving dinner with my parents and sister. Yum Yum Yum!
Then the next day we went with Teddy's grandparents to a Trout Hatchery Resort.
They had an incredible spread of every comfort food surrounding Thanksgiving.

It was a gorgeous day!
The only problem we have no is no leftovers!
Since we didn't actually have Thanksgiving at our own house, we don't have any of the leftover goodness!
I guess I will just have to make a small feast for us to enjoy over the weekend. :)
How as your day?
Anybody venture out for Black Friday shopping?

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  1. You look so happy in that pic! Glad you had a great Thanksgiving! I didn't black friday shop cause I was sick :(
    Yay for it finally being time to decorate for CHristmas! Woohooo!


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