Time To Get Thankful


So it's that time of year when everyone remembers it's time to be Thankful and write about what we are most glad for in our lives.
I'm not being snarky here, and I'm just as guilty for not being more thankful on a regular basis.
I'm going to try and be thankful every.single.day.
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Day 1- Nov.1
I'm thankful for a God who loved me enough to send His ONLY son to this earth and die for my sins.
That never ceases to amaze me! Little old me, sitting in a little town in Arkansas, and He knew long ago what our circumstances would be and wanted to save us from the firey pits of Hell-ooooooo.
Thank you God.
Day 2- Nov.2
I'm thankful for a goofy, hard working, hairy, handsome, God loving, beagle lover of a hubby who constantly makes me laugh, takes care of me, makes red velvet cakes for me and loves me for ME. {That's a big job ya'll!}
Day 3- Nov.3
I'm thankful for family and friends. This life would be so lonely without them. Even though family members often make you want to pull your hair out and wonder if you were truly adopted.
Thru good times and bad, family and friends are all you have. And I'm so glad:)
By the way, above are some free printables you can PRINT HERE.
And if we had kids, I think this would be an adorable thing to do.
A Thanksgiving Tree.
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And here is one just because. :)
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Happy Saturday!

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