Happy Friday To You!:)
I wanted to say hello at least some point this week. I haven't found much mojo in my blogging life lately. Feeling a little dried up actually. Not much to say.
But I know how much better I feel when I do say hi and when you say hi back:)
Oh, the girls say hi too:)
We're still juggling around names as we get to know them, but the group in the picture remains nameless except the sweet bird in the bottom right hand corner.
That's Annie Loo :)
Named after a sweet friend of mine that you should know from the blogging world.
 It's so sad that most of the trees have lost their leaves already.
For so long they were abundantly beautiful.
And now they are all mostly bare.
Just a few leaves hanging on for dear life.
I made two of these cute little pies over the weekend.
Pumpkin is a favorite around here.
And I couldn't help but add a little pie dough pumpkin.
Sometimes my own creativity amazes me.
I don't say that to sound prideful, but so often I feel like the picture of that tree up there, just a few leaves barely hanging on- especially in the creativity department.
So when it came to me to carve out a little pumpkin, my dorky self was just tickled pink about it.
And can you all believe it's November??????
Guess what?????
That means it's only a few more weeks until Thanksgiving and just a few days after that when the Jeter Family Christmas Tree will go up!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Your pie brings back great memories for me! When my mom baked apple pies when we were kids, she'd always cut out a little apple, stem and leaf from the dough, and seven dyed the apple red! You are going to be such a fun mom someday. :)

    Also, your chickens are so cute!

  2. YAY! I'm glad the striped one is Annie Loo! She's making a statment! WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!! ;)

    That pie looks DELISH!!!!!!!!

    I can't believe Thanksgiving is in 3 weeks!

    When are you going to the Smokeys!?!?!?!?


  3. HELLLOOOO! i agree with you...i feel MUCH better when you say hi! :)
    your pie looks so amazing, girl!
    can you believe that i have NEVER made one??? #slacker

    your chickens are so pretty!
    how are the eggs a comin'???

    and how is the job?
    i've been thinking about you lots lately!
    much love to you!



I love hearing from you! :)

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